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We have 2 pints of milk delivered to our doorstep three times weekly and theyr'e left in the porch outside the front door sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning. But with the last 5 deliveries, when I've come down to take them in I've found one bottle on its side nearly empty with the foil cap either pulled off or punctured with 3 small holes (see photos).

Does anyone have any idea what little mammal might be doing this?

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I'd guess at a fox.

Vegetarian vampire?

blue tits used to be blamed for this 50 years ago when everyone had milk delivered.

i haven't seen a blue tit in years.

My first thought was blue tit, I live locally and have lots in my garden. (not my photo, cannot find photographers name to credit). Though I would be surprised if it had the weight to knock over a bottle; perhaps a blue tit started it and a fox finished the job.


Yes, I remember blue tits going for the milk from my childhold - and winters cold enough to freeze the milk inside the bottle so it cracked. I'll set up a hidden trail cam the night before the next delivery and find out what really happens on our doorstep.

Look forward to seeing the footage.

Yes, I'm fairly certain a fox may be the culprit - one turned up on our doorstep at 2:30am, sniffed the empty bottles and then went away; at 3:17am, the same (or different) fox came back after the milk had been delivered but was scared off by something and never actually attacked the milk - you can see its head facing the camera at the far right of the picture. Although the trail cam illuminates the scene with infra-red when triggered, I think some foxes can detect this and back away.

I'll set it up again on Friday night for Saturday's milk delivery.



Thats great to see, I hope you catch it in the act though.

I think the milkman must be reading this forum thread! The last 2 deliveries he has hidden the milk behind the food waste bin on the doorstep, so no footage of the culprits in action. But the frustrated fox(es) instead vented their anger on two unopened bags of manure stored in the back garden & made one hell of a mess overnight...

We’ve been having milk delivered for years and have only just started having this issue. Most certainly foxes. We’ve had a few bottles tipped over and rolled into the street. Some remained in situ but had the same teeth punctures. I’ve noticed my neighbour has the same issue. It’s more annoying than when they occasionally get nicked. 

We also have foxes who know how to tip the food waste bin over (even with a heavy brick on the lid) and turn the locked handle over in order to lift the lid and spread waste all over the front garden. I caught them in action recently and they work in pairs. 

Wait until they evolve opposable thumbs - then we’re really in trouble 



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