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it used to be 4 - 7pm, but Haringey Council has removed the signs in Jan stating this SO IT IS NOW 24HRS.

Nice of HC to inform us - NOT.

They could have amended the signs to 24 hours for a a couple of months and then removed them. 

But that wouldnt suit the Council, they make a lot more by not informing us. 

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What is particularly annoying about this is that the previous where the bus lane operated was perfectly satisfactory. Outside rush hour the road is clear. The excuse given was night time parking at the top of the hill which could easily have been dealt with by parking restrictions. 


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The war on the motorist. Ha ha ha ha ha. You people who drive in the bus lanes like this deserve it. Why on earth should we have two lane freeways as high streets?

Its not a question of driving in the bus lane, it is a question of signage. It was originally for buses only from 4-7 pm and people complied with it (or were fined- so fair enough). It would be useful and safer to know that there has been a change so that people can comply with that too.

I understand but the request for "notice" implies that drivers are not paying attention to signs (which they don't). So they're blindly driving along a high street, ignoring signs and driving in a bus lane on the inside of other traffic which is in and of itself, really dangerous.

There is no sign - thats the point. There used to be a sign saying 4-7pm. Now there is none.

This is a phoney war against the motorist - its just to increase revenue.

Some people have to drive due to health and other reasons. If they really cared about the impact of pollution they would reduce the traffic along wood green high st and green lanes. And provide affordable public transport and decent cycle lanes - not the boris lanes. Subsidise bikes and electric bikes. Guess HC can go on a 'fact finding' bender to Holland or Denmark or another EU country. I would be happy if the main high streets were pedestrianised.

But I digress.

HC has a duty to inform us, the people of the borough of changes that affect us. They could have changed the sign to 24Hr Bus lane for a period of say 1 or 2 months before they removed it. Instead they just removed it.

What was wrong with the outside lane? Was there a motor vehicle in it? You decided it was OK to undertake?

As I grew up a petrolhead in New Zealand the divergences in the motoring laws are interesting to me. Parking on the wrong side of the road in New Zealand is a 3 point charge and a fine in New Zealand but OK here. Undertaking is classed as dangerous driving, bus lane or no, loss of license.

No you assume alot - I allowed an ambulance to overtake me by going into the inside lane, near the top of the hill. Normally I dont drive in bus lanes even when its allowed and I rarely drive.

Ah so youre a petrolhead, never was never will be. And I hate Top Gear

I said I grew up one but I'm now very anti-motor vehicles. All of this and you jumped on here to complain. Sounds like you have grounds to appeal.

How can you ignore a sign if there is no sign???

As I understand it it is the 'Muswell Hill bus lane', literally on the hill; its not a town centre or a high street. It is a single stretch of road up a hill with no crossings, no trafic lights, no trafic islands,  etc.

It is a stretch of road that until now has been two lanes going up the hill, which between the hours of 4-7 changed to having the inside lane as a bus lane. No problem. It worked like that for a very long time.

The sign as far as I can remember has been there for decades and everyone complied with it, or were fined, which was good. It was a rare occurence for anyone to go into the inside lane when it became a bus lane between 4-7 pm because everyone knew that they would have a fine and serves then right if they did.

There is now no sign; this is dificult to spot because it is not there!!!

The fact that an enormous blue  sign that was there for decades is no longer apparent has caused confusion. It is the very fact that drivers do pay attention to this sign and are confused when it is no longer there that is causing the problem.

It would have been helpful and safer to have a temporary sign giving notice of the change, that is all, so that everyone is again able to comply.

See picture within thread of whopping great yellow advisory sign and new "enormous blue [bus lane] sign" behind to the right, here:    http://www.harringayonline.com/xn/detail/844301:Comment:1062065 .

Thanks to Nick G-T for going and producing photographic evidence.



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