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Hello Harringay Online!

I'm considering moving into an available flat on Duckett Rd at the end of January and wanted to say hello, Happy New Year! and find out a bit more about the community.  I love that this online community exists and that it seems frequently visited and there is a lot of interaction by local residents.  I also love that there is a Sunday market that seems fabulous.  :)  I was a bit concerned, however, after reading about the recent muggings and goings on in the passage as the flat is situated close to the passage.  It seems that the community is really coming together to try and tackle the issues and make the neighborhood safer.  If I decide to move in, I would also like to take part in helping to clean up the community and make it safer and better.  I'm definitely leaning towards moving in than not, but wanted to hear from you and the pros and cons of the area especially about safety and walking in the area late at night as I sometimes need to work late.

Thanks all!  I look forward to meeting you.  :)


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Hi Melinka

I have recently moved to Willoughby Park Road, few days before Christmas. I can say that for now I am happy re: safety.Re: cleaning is needed though.

Welcome and Happy New Year




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