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Haringey Council are coming in to finish what they started two years ago when they felled over 150 trees on our beloved nature reserve the Parkland Walk in Haringey.
The tree chop 2023, starts with Parkland Walk on Monday Feb 6th for a month: '16 groups of trees' to be felled for bridgeworks including the 'Hairy' Oak tree at Stanhope Bridge. We asked the council to consider a green bridge at Stanhope and they said no despite 6000 folks signing our petition.
We are horrified and think some of the trees could still be retained.
Why can't mature trees be valued like bridges? We're in a climate emergency.
Chainsaws are from @Turneys_ltd who were let loose unsupervised last time and created some terrible vibes. Hope they're being watched carefully. Cue public outrage. 
3 of the council's tree maps below. Contact Haringey - david.theakston@haringey.gov.uk and simon.farrow@haringey.gov.uk who are project managing these works.
Contact us if you want to know more...peaceful protestors and observers of the works would be good, and public should be aware our nature reserve will look very different if the council continue its plan to resurface walk too.

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Haringey Tree Protectors - haringeytreeprotectors@gmail.com

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Clearly if trees threaten public safety - as they do here - they must be felled.  Opposing all tree felling isn’t sensible and is unlikely to get mainstream support.

They're not affecting public safety, it's just to make it easier to work on the bridges.

All around trees, many of them old, mature and life-giving, are being vandalised and destroyed. So much for our 'green spaces', they are becoming less green by the day. I despair at this great loss. A few saplings here and there won't replace the hundreds of trees we've lost. 

Today on Parkland Walk, a woman standing beneath a tree waving a placard about 'honoring the trees'.  

Also today on Parkland Walk, the little advertising board for the cafe has a notice on it:  'Share of takings today donated to Turkey earthquake relief'.

For me it brought into definition something important:  this woman and the rest of the zealots getting so animated about the trees need to wake up, stop indulging their middle-class sensibilities, and see that today there are more urgent, practical and meaningful things to focus on:  not least thousands of innocent people dead, families suffering and homeless from a major disaster not all that far from our shores.   

Well said Livi. 



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