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Last October I raised the issue that possible street closures in surrounding areas would displace traffic our way. 

One of the areas was Crouch End.

A consultation for those living/working in the area is in progress and one of the options being consulted on is the closure to through traffic (except for buses, emergency vehicles and cyclists) of one or more major roads, such as The Broadway.

A traffic survey for the Crouch End project suggests such a change might mean 2000 more vehicles a day in both directions for Wightman.

Harringay residents can make their views known via the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire go to:


After the initial section you can opt to only complete the one on traffic. The deadline is 2 February.

Postscript navigation note: (For oversized lorry stuck on Warham, see P14, here.)

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I'm glad you are bringing this to the attention of Harringay residents - so many people in Crouch End seem to desire the proposed changes without considering the impact on neighbouring roads.  They plan to scupper "through traffic", whatever that may mean, and the remedy for areas like Wightman Road which will obviously suffer as people divert is to ask for your own scheme until eventully London is a haven of car free streets and the emergency vehicles will have a person with a red flag walking in front of them... Do fill in the questionnaire...

The 'Liveable Crouch End" (Unliveable!!) road closures trial was a horrendous failure with staggeringly increased traffic on Park Road and Tottenham Lane. I have lived near Crouch End for 40 years and I'm extremely worried it will be ruined. I took dozens of photos during the trial most afternoons between 4.30pm and 6.30pm and the traffic jams and increased pollution were ghastly, with vehicles often at a standstill. Plus I took photos of what it's normally like at that time of day for two weeks afterwards. Yet quite a few people are in denial, even though the graph produced by the scheme itself shows an almost 50% increase in traffic along Tottenham Lane at times. Apparently, one of the stipulations for receiving the grant (£4.8 million!! with £700,000+ going to the consultancy company!) is that roads must be closed or another proposal that achieves the same aim must be implemented. So those in charge of the scheme are hell bent on closing roads willy-nilly and, frankly, I don't think they care which ones. I've been arguing for months that closing roads and funnelling existing traffic onto roads left open will be disastrous for the people living in the roads left open, plus horrible for pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers, shoppers, shop owners, etc. They need to think out of the box. If public transport fares were reduced to an irresistible low, that would create a shift of single use car drivers, lower fares including rush hour, the underground and overground trains systems. But we're stuck with this horrible scheme, the people in charge of it (!!!) and its knock-on effects.    

Duly noted and thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks. Be aware that there is a 100 CHARACTER limit to the open questions. Just lost my first attempt as it struggled with trying to edit a long answer down.

I feel very conflicted on this. I do support attempts to reduce car dominance on our streets but doing it piecemeal like this is just unfair on the areas around it. And dare I say there is a bit of an east/west inequality angle to this - organised communities displace traffic (congestion, air pollution) onto those less able to do the same. I wish we could do this in a more holistic way, though perhaps there will always be winners and losers.

I’d be very worried if I lived on Ferme Park Rd too.

I know, that 100 character limit, including spaces, is ridiculous...

Yes! At one point I got an error message saying it “could not parse my reply” which did make me smile (through gritted teeth). 

So, so important! I've filled it in, thanks for bringing this to our attention Hugh!

Just done my reply as well.

Having lived on the ladder and now in crouch end and cared about both areas I’m not finding this thread very helpful. Of course residents in any area want less traffic and less toxic pollution going into their kids lungs. Pitting against each other area by area and opposing any kind of traffic calming scheme is not going to help this dire pollution situation. 
we all need to focus on campaigning for minimal car use and reduction of through traffic in every area. But slamming another local scheme is hardly helpful for the bigger picture. 
As I understand it the point of these schemes, London wide, is to work in conjunction with expanding the clean air zones and get people out of their cars and using public transport. 
Wishing for calmer traffic on wightman road too, it certainly needs more attention. 

Of course you have my sympathy, but just endlessly moving & diverting the traffic from one side of the tracks to another ain't gonna solve anything.

An overall holistic approach is needed IMO.

LBH have form on this, and Wightman Road & it's residents appear to be getting it in the neck each time.

Fundamentally we all deserve 'living streets', and no one area should receive 'special' treatment.

This is a mess of LBH's own making and the blame rests at the door of the cabinet member for the environment in the first instance. Could it be a  coincidence that some Lib Dem councillors were elected last time around in CE, and there are fresh elections in 2022?

This is not a Lib Dem initiative, it comes from the Labour majority LBH council.



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