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I've got some more shelves I've got to give away. There are three of the plain ones (I think they were from John Lewis originally but can't swear on it), and one Ikea Leksvik. 

The dimensions are:

w: 80cm

h: 190cm

d: 30cm

They're all in very good condition -- all they ever had to do was stand around with books on them. They've served me well and are now ready to do good work elsewhere on the Ladder, the Gardens or thereabouts. (The photos don't really do them justice, as they're currently bunched up in the middle of the room.)

They will need to be collected, and I'd be keen to give them to whoever can collect them fairly soon. 

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Maren, I've sent a Connection Request. We would certainly wish to take all of these shelves for our conservatory. My brother-in-law would collect them for us.


That would be great -- when would be a good time to collect them?



Maren, thanks for getting back to me. I've sent you a HOL Message with details just now.




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