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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Here's the latest intriguing map of a half-built Harringay Ladder, from 1893-6, at an astonishing level of detail. It's been put together by some clearly perfectionist people at the National Library of Scotland, in association with the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Ollie O'Brien, a researcher at UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, has written a bit about it here.

Hoping other HOL-ers get as much pleasure from playing with it as I have!

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Thank you for that

Great job. I'd seen the old OS map before, but they've done a great job of the overlay. I love the slider tool - exactly what I was going for here - but done properly!

Fab! This is amazing! And what's even funnier is that in the photo I can see my lovely old Kermit green Citroen 2CV parked right outside my old house on Seymour. Awwww! 

Superb!  This stuff is always fascinating.

Very interesting, looks like these houses were all built before the Salisbury, I wonder where everyone went for a pint of Pride?

Thought I'd add my bit: if you look at the houses in Wightman Road, just north of St Paul's, on the railway side you can see a gap:  there is a house there now (mine).  I was told that that gap was left as the space for the original bridge but this was then moved a little further south and that the builder who built the other houses built himself his own house in the space, which explains why this is a detached house to a different design than the others around it!

I do love the way old maps like this can help to solve modern day mysteries about buildings and roads, and also get us to see the modern day built environment differently!

Wonderful map and so interesting.  Anybody know anything about the Pottery Works almost opposite the Beaconsfield pub ? 

What do you want to know? Believe it or not Brian Williamson, a direct descendant of the owners, is still living in Allison Road. There are some pictures here.

Thanks Hugh. Had a quick look... .. .. half an hour later remembered what i was supposed to be doing



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