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Yet again, I witnessed a pedestrian get smashed in to a by a wreckless and dangerous moped driver on green lanes, anyone else finding it's getting worse out there? And I am not talking about the LTNs, I'm talking about the sheer number of dangerous moped drivers belting around to make their delivery profitable. It's madness, and inexcusably dangerous.

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Was this on Green Lanes in Harringay?

Yep, last 3 incidents in the last month around effingham road part. 

Theu are a bloody menace and ride dangerously. Are they paid per delivery? Seems that way and if so is a totally inexcusable business model.

I presuming they are paid per delivery otherwise why bother riding like a nutter, not to ensure the food is nice and hot for the consumer, I'm guessing!

If we use delivery companies they’re going to keep roaring up and down through the area - a huge number of their pick ups must be from the Green Lanes eateries.  Drivers working for Deliveroo, for example, are paid per drop which is why they race between jobs.


Just witnessed an interesting variation on the theme.  It’s bin day in our street so a moped driver decided to avoid the long line of traffic behind the lorry by riding at a bit of a clip along the pavement- obviously someone’s McMuffin couldn’t wait - kicking the bins out of the way that the blokes had pulled out for emptying.  Breakfast will always find a way, eh?

Overtaking a horse-drawn funeral cortege in the High Road a few months ago, the moped rider was lucky not to get the whip around their neck.

Many of them come from other countries and cultures with little awareness of the local road rules or social mores. No this is not a toxic anti-immigrant rant and no I'm not talking in absolute terms but generally this is the case.

I would imagine that only earning per drop transcends country of origin 

Black cab drivers usually stick to the road rules.

Because they’d lose their licence if they didn’t. We’re the ones driving the demand in this instance

That's my point. The black cabs are regulated. The drivers must pass competency tests, their cabs are licensed and insured with genuine plates so they can be traced and held a accountable for their driving. This means they drive safely whilst also being paid per drop. And customers aren't responsible for the quality of their driving.



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