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Recently we’ve had a fair few missing items in the post or couriers.

In the past we’ve had a few odd missing ones but these days I would say 1 out of 5 parcels never get delivered to us!

Anyone else is having a similar experience?

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Check out the tags added under your post.

Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes - they've all lost parcels. Tracking and telephoning leads you into a rabbit hole of pre-recorded menus and messages that lead you back to the beginning. This is not confined to Harringay. DPD delivered one of mine to an address a quarter of a mile away with a similar name and it took a month of emails to elicit an apology.

Several years ago Royal Mail 'lost' a package sent by my daughter. It was a tiara made from sterling silver for a wedding. She was able to replicate it in time, and the original turned up at our address six months later, after having been sent to the Belfast RM destruction unit, ripped and marked with a blue crayon "undeliverable".

Those smartly uniformed men and women from the past will be turning in their graves.

I share a front door with the flat upstairs. Usually it's my doorbell they ring even though the numbers are quite clearly marked on the parcels and the doorbells. Yesterday was no different. A courier rang my bell, (no answer upstairs so let's annoy the person downstairs) and demanded that I take in the parcel for the upstairs flat. I refused. Not because she'd disturbed me and I'd had to struggle up my stairs to answer the door, but because the parcel was in an obviously damaged condition. I was not willing to take the blame for this damage and told her to take it back. She apparently left it on the doorstep in full view of any passerby's. This is a very busy road and anybody could have taken it.



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