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Despite vague promises from McDonalds to rectify their actions, there still aren't any new trees and the environmentally nasty platic grass is still there.

It seems they have gotten away with removing all those mature trees last year which were happily sucking up carbon, providing shade and housing wildlife.

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I noticed the same today. The whole site is competely devoid of nature.

According to the council statement at the end of last year, eleven 8-10 year-old trees are due to be planted outside McDonalds this Spring. The placement of said trees may be debatable, but, as far as I'm aware they are still due to arrive. 

Well they need to get a move on. The tree planting season is almost over. Trees should be planted between November and March while trees are dormant. Any later and they risk heat and drought stress. They need to be mulched and with the lack of any other cover or vegetation an aftercare programme of watering. As our summers are increasingly heating up and drought conditions due to lack of winter rainfall start earlier, any young tree is going to struggle but late planted ones even more so. Which is why safeguarding healthy mature trees is better since they can cope with these conditions. 
Basically what I’m saying is those trees should be in the ground by now. It’s still not too late but after March probably will be. 

The dry weather this month won't help, either. December and January were only near the monthly average. And, thank you Hugh for the facts...   ;-)

That reminds me, the Trees for Streets tree I paid for hasn't materialised yet

I sincerely hope they do replace the trees.

It's just a shame that even then, the 8-10-year-old trees they are putting in won't go anywhere near to providing the same amount of canopy or habitat for wildlife that the 30-year-old ones they cut down gave, but I suppose more people can see their big sign from the road so they must be overjoyed at what they've done to the place.

As if it were one for one. 11 new trees do not do the work of 11 more mature trees. Down with tree vandals!  



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