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Mayor of London identifies "dormant" public land in Harringay but...

...the only trouble is these sites are far from dormant!

Evening Standard journalist, Richard Godwin, who is also a Harringay resident, highlighted in his column this week that the mayor's office has published an interactive map of "underexploited" public land. 40,000 sites have been identified of which Boris says,

“[For] far too long, land owned by public bodies has lain dormant or [been] sold off with no benefit to the capital. [We] must build on the work done at City Hall in releasing land for development.”

However, when Richard looked closely at the areas he discovered that this "underexploited" dormant land is far from asleep but is in fact our local primary schools, Ducketts Common, Fairland Park, my beloved Railway Fields (over my dead body Boris), the Kurdish centre and various bits of Chestnuts Park to name but a few! 

Public land is under scrutiny like never before - our parks, libraries, nature reserves, even it seems our schools are not safe from the developers beady eyes.

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Our primary schools are 'underexploited' are they - that must be why they are removing sibling priority from them, not enough children to fill up the spaces, oh hang on ....

Come on Julie, wasting land educating children when we could have a lovely empty office block instead! If these kids have nothing better to do with their time there are plenty of chimneys that need sweeping.
Just tried the map for Camden. Apparently Hampstead Heath is also dormant and ripe for development.
There's an election this year and I can't see this initiative getting much support at the ballot box.

How about that useless triangle of grass at the WG Road/Green Lanes/Alfoxton Ave junction, you could get a nice little cul-de-sac on that.

Yes, that's a shame that triangle. There was a great opportunity to make something of it with the planned remodelling of the Alfoxton Road Junction.

As things stand it's an island surrounded by traffic. What I would do is to close the road running along its southern side and make the West Green Road, running along it's north, two-way. It could be designed to carry exactly the same amount of traffic as both the current and planned layouts whilst also  and creating an open space that people would actually use.

The remodelling as planned seems to gain little yet will cost over £1M. 

Please don't go putting ideas in people's minds about building on it! 

Yes the obvious plan re the traffic re-routing you mention. God knows why they're not doing this!

Hugh - has this been decided then? Last I heard (a while ago) It was still under discussion so was living in hope that someone might have seen sense on it!

Don't suppose you could send me a link or a bit of info? Thank you!

This is the latest link I have. It was confirmed in one of the recent traffic meetings. Ant Elder on the post or Ian Sygrave who is the LSCP may have more. 

As far as I know the Frobisher/Alfoxton junction work has been shelved for the time being. The original £1.5million set aside for the work seemed to get used for something else, they tried for a TfL grant for it and heard at the end of December that had been unsuccessful. So it doesn't seem likely it will happen now any time soon.

Ok, thanks for that update Ant.

Thanks both!



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