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Marks and Spencers Food Hall To Open Where The Old Big Post Office Was - Green Lanes, Harringay

Finally M&S is coming to Harringay! 

It’s been so overdue, they have the best tasting fruit by far out of all the supermarkets, great news.

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This is very exciting!! Do you know when it will open? I’m time for Xmas I hope!!

Interesting. Where does this news come from?

Where are customers going to park ?

I'm not in favour of people driving to supermarkets: just being realistic .

Why do customers need to park for a shop on GL?

They don't need to. But they will.

No different than any of the other shoppers in GL, 

heavy shopping unfortunately I try to buy from local independents and try a trolley thing but that too can get heavy with potatoes and veg though I do try . Also am wobbly on feet, And no, I dont qualify for the blue badged ( quite rightly, I think). M and S Id be please to get some of their own brand items. But promise I wont overdo it parking wise . I take your point 

Where did you find this out Mal? That would be great! 

So: M&S Wood Green closed in 2015 - it's now a Megamart. M&S Holloway Road closed in 2019 - it's now a Lidl.

Now M&S is to open in Harringay, in a building smaller than the nearby Tesco Express, Iceland opposite, and Sainsbury's and Aldi within a 7-minute walk. Sounds good to me...

And yes, there is a new M&S Food Hall further up Holloway Road - but it's cheek by jowl with Archway tube station. Ditto the new Co-op at Manor House (literally on top of the tube station). Transport hubs, anyone?

There are a few oldish internet hits for an M&S Foodhall in the new Finsbury Park development around the station, particularly on Goodwin Street, but I don't see anything about it yet being open.

I contacted M&S press office last night. Was surprised to get a callback at about 2100. The woman I spoke to said that she didn’t know the answer but promised a colleague would get back to me today. However, I got the impression that HOL might be too small-fry for them to actually follow through. 

Here's the somewhat enigmatic reply from the M&S Twitter account:

I've checked the Haringey planning pages - nothing there. 

Let's see what the press office have to say, if they get back to me.

"We are unable to confirm details at early stages of planning applications" suggests something is afoot. If it wasn't true I would've thought the spokesperson would have just emphatically said so. I'll believe it when I see it but it would be a great addition to that stretch of Green Lanes.



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