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Following the well attended recent protest against the LTNs, there is another (can't manage to post flyer)

Monday 7pm Heartlands School Station Road...full council meeting.

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Don’t look up!

No matter how well intended, the LTN schemes are merely moving the fumes to surrounding streets where traffic is queued up on diverted routes, causing more pollution for those streets. The scheme is also affecting local businesses badly. It needs rethinking and more residents need proper consultation and a vote.

It is not only affecting the cars at which it is aimed but also the buses, in particular the W3 which has now become a very unreliable service - last week I saw 4, one after the other, all in Rokesly Road, Hornsey within one minute of each other.  If these measures are supposed to encourage car users to use public transport instead they are clearly not working as the disastrous closure of Middle Lane proved.


Have you been to Holland or Copenhagen? London is just the type of place for forcefully getting people out of their cars.

LTNs are part of this modal shift and after many, many years of automobiles just dominating the urban space something is finally shifting. There is a retrograde action being lead by certain people. It must be made to fail…

Maybe implementation can be improved but there should be no going back…

You're not correct Barney. LTNs have the overall effect of reducing the use of cars, partly because people are discouraged from using their cars when journeys become more difficult. Although sometimes there is a growth of traffic on peripheral roads this tends quickly to die down as drivers find alternative routes or alternative means of transport. Shopkeepers tend to exaggerate the number of customers who come by car and are usually pleasantly surprised that footfall goes up when streets are less traffic ridden and more attractive for pedestrians. Sure it's inconvenient to people who need to use their cars but reducing the amount of traffic on the roads is surely necessary in the fight against the rise in greenhouse gases, in reducing congestion and road danger and making our environment more pleasant for people. How else are we to do it?

Also, survey after survey has shown that it takes months for traffic to calm down to acceptable levels. But no one here seems to have the patience for that. Why would you give something a reasonable chance before deciding it’s terrible? What to do we want? More pollution!! When do we want it? Now!!

Shopkeepers may want to consider putting cycle parking outside if they want to encourage trade.

Maybe not ?

Could you be a little more explanatory please? Are you asking us to protest outside the council meeting taking place at Heartlands school or is there a march to the council meeting somewhere else? Peoplecare getting more angry about LCN traffic snarl ups  and a growing number will want to protest. Should we not all officially complain to Haringey and bombard councillors with protests?

The Council meeting is at 7.30 at the Decorium, Western Road, next to Heartlands School...

Is there parking?

You don't wanna drive there mate, traffic's a nightmare.. 

You'd be better off cycling.. 




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