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I've seen various references to these on the site but not a post explicitly about them.

There are proposed low traffic neighbourhoods for St. Ann's https://stannsltnmap.commonplace.is/ and Bruce Grove/Tottenham https://tottenhambrucegroveltn.commonplace.is/ Comments and thoughts around these can be added at the links.

Obviously there are other areas of Haringey that this may impact. The obvious being the Ladder and the small area bounded by Langham Road, Belmont Road and West Green Road which seems to have been excluded from Bruce Grove for some reason.

It's also worth noting that the western boundary of the Bruce Grove LTN is a residential B road. This does give the possibility that any Ladder LTN would use Wightman as a boundary, with little reduction in traffic, rather than part of the LTN.

(Note from Site Admin, see post added shortly before this one about LTNs in Haringey)

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See post linked to in note under yours

Oops, should have refreshed before posting.

Looks amazing! Thanks to Google maps there's a lot of unnecessary ratrunning in the west green area that I'm sure doesn't even cut down journey times by that much. This is a great idea.



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