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I was rather surprised when going to catch a bus outside Iceland to find one of my fellow queuers was a coot! It seemed unharmed and largely unconcerned about being on Green Lanes (but then if you've ever seen a coot fight you'll know they are as hard as nails).

I can only assume that the storm confused it and it got lost. Or maybe it just fancied finding out what lies beyond the New River. 

By the way look at the amazing feet that coots have.

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Coot with a Coke habit?

That is "Fantasy", surely. 

Wow. Hope it finds its way home

Probably shopping around, what with rising bills..

Sorry - I'll get my coot!

My other half just correctly identified the location of the photo as Iceland. So this at the heart of Harringay, right on Green Lanes, quite some way from any part of the New River. It is a mystery what he/she was doing there.

It’s not that far from the New River at Warham. The storm may have confused it but it is highly unusual to see a bird like the coot away from the waterways 

Be very suspicious if your other half serves unusually small chicken nuggets the next time she cooks!

can Iceland reassure us that it was taken back to the New River?

You're right about the feet - amazing.



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