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Pistachio is not neutered and not microchipped. She is wearing a red fabric collar with bell. Has tail injury in middle of tail so tail is slightly bent. No fur on the underside of tail where the break is. Last seen on Green Lanes on 16th August.

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No sign of the black cat above the shop yesterday evening but I maybe just wasn't able to see. It's quite tricky!

Yes Katie I can imagine it's hard to see! Well done for keeping a lookout - I'll flag this up on a new post, in case anyone else sees anything or can help.

I hope the mother cat hasn't ended up at the RSPCA as sadly if a cat is not microchipped, it is likely be put down (and black cats and black and white cats are particularly vulnerable to that happening).

Hi Katie. In case you haven't seen, the mother and kittens have been taken in and are being looked after by a kind neighbour.


Hi Cathy. I'll start a new post on this for you so look out for it and we can continue on there.
Maybe someone will recognise the description of the cat in the area. If you do get a photo that always helps, but I know it's not easy to do.
It sounds like the cat is hanging out on the fire escape maybe for refuge if its injured. You're right, you can't catch a cat if you don't have a secure cat carrier, maybe someone nearby will be able to help, food always helps to entice a cat.
If the cat's injuries are old and healed (not swollen or sore) and it looks well and not limping, then it may be ok.
If the cat looks unwell and injured, then it may need help. Sometimes a cat gets fight injuries which if not treated lead to an abscess and infection. The RSPCA are inundated. Usually in those circumstances, it's best to put the cat in a secure cat carrier and take it to a private vet to be scanned for a microchip so that any owner can be contacted. If no microchip found, then a private vet will usually carry out urgent treatment up to the value of £50 and they will obtain that funding from the RSPCA.
In the meantime, I'll start a new post for you, to see if anyone else responds.

Oh thankyou. I'm not very good at this that's why I keep using ur post to write on I'm 61. And not that grew on here

No problem! In case you haven't seen. I've started a new post here


You will see that Louisa has replied - she can help if you need her - she is at 12 Woodlands Park Rd (RH bell) and also has a cat carrier and can give lift to vet if needed.



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