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I'm looking for someone with pearl necklace restringing skills. The clasp also needs to be mended. 

They are very worn and much loved by my elderly mother.

Suggestions welcome


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I sent mine off here, he did a very nice job, and fitted a magnetic clasp which is much easier than the old one


Thanks Cathie, Jenny

Hi - I used this service for some beads which needed restringing.  Speedy service and an excellent result.  I see you have a response already, but this might give you another option to look at.


Thanks Fiona, 


Hi I can string them for you. I am local and have years of experience. I am not sure re the clasp repair without more information. But pearls restring no problem

Send me your number and I will text you.

Hello Vicki, thanks for your message. I live in Wood Green, Jenny 079 5516 7230

Hi Jenny

ive just looked at the two websites the other people suggested, as they are cheaper than I would charge, I suggest you use them unless you would van prefer not to post them?

Hi Vicki,

I've just emailed the 2 websites, I'll see what they come back with.

Could you give me an estimate of what you would charge?


Pearls below 

Hi, taking a guess at the clasp repair, I think it would be between £30 & &£35. I always hand knot and where possible use silk.

Hope that helps 


Hi Vicki,

Is there any way you could repair 

them by Friday?  I'm travelling to Ireland to 

see my Mum on Sat. They're hers & I'd love  to be

able to give them to her in person.

Can you message me if this is possible?







Hi Jenny, I help run Repair Cafés in Lordship Rec and Broadwater Farm every month - we don't have anyone yet with specific necklace stringing skills as far as I know but haven't asked :)

If you find someone who might enjoy doing this for you in a 'repair' atmosphere, that's what we provide - a place people can meet up and swap skills by fixing each other's stuff for free.

Last month someone brought in some broken ceramics, which need a similar level of attention to detail and patience to repair:

Next Repair Café is tomorrow @ Lordship Rec - good luck with the restringing :)



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