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By any chance, does anyone have a 3 arch Victorian front door they want to sell, similar (but nicer) to the one below? (Copied from the Stoneage Architectural website.)

My door frame measures 212cm x 91cm.

I'm happy to do a little restoration, and it would be great if there's original stained glass, but this isn't necessary.

Many thanks

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I have this door that comes from Tottenham. Picked it up after people threw it out and put in an ugly replacement. More and more people are doing this under encouragement from so called energy efficiency and security conscious peddlars. The same hat are telling people to get rid of the once omnipresent privet hedges in front of the houses because they block the view and encourage burglars!

Dimensions are 202 x 80.5 cm.
Do you want it?

Or anyone else for that matter?
It will take restoration but the toughened glass glazing seems to be in good condition.

That's exactly the style I'm after but it's the wrong size!

It's up to you, but I would be happy to take it and see if I can swap it with a reclamation yard or similar for a door in the size I'm after?

PS. I've recently reinstated a privet hedge. It saddens me to see people cutting theirs down, a few in my street in the past year...


I would love this door if it's still available? I've been looking of for a while as the previous owner put in a 'energy efficient' door and now I am the only one with a different door on the street! Please let me know if it's still available. wrenchsam@mac.com 



Sorry Nick GT took it...see what he did with...just couldn't keep cluttering up my back yard. the only reason I had it was I just couldn't leave in the skip from whence I rescued it!

Good luck... keep scanning because unfortunately the green deal guys and the security sales people are good on the sales and into conning people to get rid of their traditional doors and get the pvc white plastid horrors! You'll find one in a skip
I'm nterested in what the Green Deal guys are saying, have you been approached?, I would have prioritized loft and underfloor insulation where possible, there's plenty of old school methods to retain original doors . I have a typical Victorian door from Borgoyne which is ready for glazing and painting, it has one large glass cavity at top, (no 3/2 glass panels.) For this door, I would recommend laminated opaque glass for security safety and strength.

I have had an assessment done which wasn't very conclusive. But at arecent Arae Forum we had the an advisor come and speak about the Smart Homes programme and she said teh best thing is to speak to an advisor on the Smart Homes Advice Line on 020 7527 4736.

I had indicate dthat I wasn't keeen on losing 10 cm of space from each wall by installing internal insulation and she said although the assessment may not indicate undefloor insulation you can speak  to the advisor to see if other options would be approved for funding. Doesn't cost anything to try.

PS Nick GT is still looking for a door by the way.

Thanks for that, I've pasted it into my notes. Cheers Matt

I work as painter and decorator in the Haringey area and time to time have assignments where people want to replace their old worn out Victorian front door with a modern one. Honestly, I believe these old solid wood doors can be restored really nicely with a little time and effort.

Hello all

Am relatively new to HOL so hope i have written this in the correct place..

Like the person who had originally posted 3 years ago, i too am looking for this same style of front door in order to match some of the originals still in place on my road. 

any ideas very welcome as they seem hard to come by!





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