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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

London's Healthiest and unhealthiest high streets are both in Haringey

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Full report attached.


Well, that's a first !

I've never been encouraged to read the Daily Mail before :)

I hasten to add I only saw it because of a news feed!

Pretty lazy reporting IMHO - WGR doesn't even have tanning shops! Hate it when journalists write about places they haven't visited.

Agreed, rather sloppy reporting. Also, as someone who has lived in the area sine 1989, my impression of West Green Lane over the last few years was that it was becoming "healthier" (in the terms used in the report), and that though a lot of it is a bit run-down, there have been a number of new and "healthier" businesses opening there, and upgrading of shop fronts.

I don't live on WGR but near enough round Seven Sisters and can honestly say that my health has been directly improved since moving to Haringey from Islington because Haringey and the close by bits of Hackney have vastly more and larger green spaces. 

On a very quick review of the RSPH report, I think the Mail can't be blamed for sloppy reporting. (That's why I checked the report). However, it may be that the conclusions drawn in the RSPH report warrant some discussion.

The article has got the column headings the wrong way round for the London boroughs. The Daily Fail strikes again!

Hahaha! Oops...

Here's the RSPH press release which has an embedded Youtube video with vox-pops on West Green Rd and Muswell Hill Broadway.


It does rather hammer home the east-west Haringey split.....

Here are their recommendations.    [The first one (business taxation) is addressed in the Budget, I think.]

As a result of our analysis, we have put forward a number of recommendations that aim to inject new life into our high streets and also make the business offer that retailers provide more health promoting.

Key recommendations include:

• HM Treasury to review how businesses are taxed to ensure that online businesses are not put at an unfair advantage compared to the high street

• Facebook and Google to provide discounted advertising opportunities to local, independent health-promoting businesses

• Local authorities to support meanwhile use of shops by making records on vacant commercial properties publicly accessible

• Vape shops to ensure all customers who smoke are aware of their local stop smoking service

• Councils to set differential rent classes for tenants based on how health-promoting their business offer is

• Business rates relief for businesses that try to improve the public’s health

• Industry and all businesses selling food on the high street – cafés, pubs, fast food outlets,convenience stores, leisure centres – to reduce the calories in their products

• The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to provide local authorities with the power and support to restrict the opening of new betting shops and other unhealthy outlets where there are already clusters

• Local authorities nationwide to introduce A5 planning restrictions within 400 metres of primary and secondary schools



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