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My friend is going to convert her loft. Has anyone had a loft conversion in the last few years and would they recommend the company that did it?

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Also is anyone will to share the costs of the project 


My friends had loft and full refurb done with Marcin and his guys last year. As far as i know they was cheaper than Roof Top Rooms and Loft Space and done graet job. We will use them for side returne extension when will get permission. They are busy but you can try and phone them on 07889807886 Marcin


Thanks Robert.

On the whole I was very impressed by Dan James. Stuck to the timetable, kept me well informed, minimised the mess (although there will still be a lot of mess) and did a very tidy job.

The one area I wasn't too impressed with was the architect. It was fine in the end but I had to guide them as to what would be acceptable for Haringey planning whereas I was expecting it to be the other way round.


Thanks very much Andrew.

Coincidentally, I am also called Andrew and also had a loft done by Dan James and would endorse everything the other Andrew says!  Dan James were excellent (it was Jamie who managed us) but the architect was unimpressive.

The thing I liked the most is that Dan and Jamie both sell the work and are the ones up on the scaffolding doing it. So when they came round when we were selecting a firm, they were not shiny-suited salespeople and spoke to me on a more practical level (I am an engineer, so this really suited me).

I would also add that they came back and sorted a problem months later that as it turned out might not have been their fault.

I would recommend them.

Thanks Andrew. That’s very helpful.

we used Bracken Lofts for our loft conversion about 5 years ago - a 2 man band, who did an excellent job, quickly and unobtrusively.  It cost £25,000 plus VAT (we didn't use an architect).  Thoroughly recommend them


I contacted Bracken Lofts based on recommendations oh HoL.  They came round to have a look and then I never heard from them on the quote despite chasing a number of times. I and my wife got the impression that they weren't really interested as we had opinions on how we wanted it to look, ie modern 

Thanks Carrie. That’s a good price.

We used Dan James last summer and they were absolutely delightful to have around the house. It is a really lovely family vibe within their team, they all look out for each other and Dan and Jamie invest a lot of training in the lads so that they stay with them long term. The only thing I would say is that their plumber Kevin is massively overstretched and this held the build up by a couple of weeks which was very frustrating when I was kicking about the house ready to get on with the painting! If you arrange your own plumbing, this obviously wouldn’t be a problem, so I would 100% recommend them. They have a really good admin side too so you don’t end up chasing info about start dates etc. 

Thanks Aisling. They sound good.



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