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We are getting our loft converted and have had a few quotes in and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of companies or reviews of the below ones.

  • Another Level Lofts London Ltd
  • Loft Conversion HQ
  • Skyline Lofts UK
  • The Loft Consultancy
  • North London Loft Rooms
  • Simply Loft

Just afraid of choosing the wrong one so any help much appreciated.


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Off the back of recommendations here I contacted Dan James who did a site visit about a month ago. Since then I've been fobbed off with one nonsense excuse after the next for why I have yet to receive a quote.

The excuses so far have been:

- Off sick
- Van broke down (not sure how this impacts quotations)
- Getting to it
- We sent it and it must be in your spam box

Given the incredibly poor service I've seen at the sales stage I dread to think how they'd behave once they have me over a barrel.

I got a quote from the loft consultancy same day as the visit. Excellent service. Haven’t read much on line. Or on here. 

Henry - that service may as far as it goes - for more detail on Loft Consultancy please contact others who have used them - I have received a not so good report. But may have been a one-off.

Thanks Thomas. I'll see if I can find some more info about Loft Consultancy to get a more rounded review.

I'm seeing Radek Tober today, highly recommended here, but so far his quote has come out 40% higher than the next highest. I questioned some of the items he quoted for, hence the reason for his visit today to clarify them.

I'm also meeting Voytek from Zeko, another highly recommended here, on Monday. Hopefully I'll find someone who fits the bill soon.

Hi Henry, we're having a similarly frustrating experience waiting for quotes. Not for a loft, but other pretty major construction work. The only reason we've held on is because we don't need the work to start until after the spring and the few contractors we're dealing with keep assuring us the quotes are on their way. But we are also starting to look beyond HoL recommendations now because it does feel like the prices are becoming really inflated for any work around here, especially on Ladder houses. We had one quote for reconfiguring a kitchen that was nearly 50k... it wasn't even an extension!

Hi Henry,

We are in the same process at the moment. Assuming that you're done now with your loft conversion, but how did the process go? And which company did you go for?

Any feedback/experience would be greatly appreciated :)


Hi all, 

I wanted to get an idea on a recommended loft builder and what they "cost" I know its a loaded question! I'm basically looking for a mid dormer, and plan to do the last bits like painting etc myself. 

Also wanted to get an idea of costs for a loft conversion up to plug points and plumbing etc I've take a look at the which website, at this page here, and resi, its looking like for mid sized dormer I'll need about £40,000. I'm looking to sell the house so not really bothered about increasing the value but do want to get value for my money!

Also can anyone recommend someone who can do some cheap planning drawings? I'm not entirely sure if I'll do the conversion but I think I get the plans for the loft. It might help me see the what I can do fairly cheaply. Does anyone know if I get planning permission (say it is granted for two years) for the loft conversion and just start the work but don't complete until four years later. Will building control still give me certificate?



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