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We’re considering buying a house and - if we did - would like to do a loft conversion. We’re pretty clueless about how much it could cost and which companies to contact for quotes.

Have you used a company recently that you were pleased with? And is anyone happy to give a sense of how much it could be? I think we’d like to put a bedroom and bathroom up there. Even a ballpark would be handy!

Thanks so much

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We used Ilir Thaci from Ideal Home Refurbishments Ltd (079 0099 4527) and he was excellent - ballpark figure depending on what you want to do is between £60 - £100k I would say. That's a rough idea from some of the quotes we got but we were converting a small box bedroom into a new bathroom and then making the loft a large bedroom with ensuite. 

Thank you!

That sounds really expensive! Most quotes we got were around the 50k mark and friends who went with Dan James ended up paying around 65k including bathroom fittings. 

Yeah I’m talking the range of quote figures we got though - one was about 60k, one was 75k and one was insane at 90k! But I suspect that guy just didn’t fancy it to be honest! Ours included converting another room into a big bathroom though, so it was loft and a bathroom really. 

I bet I know which builder gave you the sky-high estimate!

Used Dan James (like everyone on the ladder). They were good. Put in a bathroom and a bedroom.

Total amount was 55k to Dan James 77k in total. Includes all the extras we wanted new heating system bathroom suite upgrading water supply etc. 

That’s really helpful to know, thank you. It’s so helpful to have some figures. 

I went with Dan James and had a large bedroom with small ensuite with shower. They were good (although I didn't particularly rate their architect and they deviated from the plans a couple of times which I didn't have an issue with but some people would) and I'd use them again.

All-in, including extras like like party wall awards, building control, tiling, bathroom suite, etc it came to about £50k. This was a couple of years ago.


You will need an architect to prepare plans for either a Permitted Development application or a planning application depending on the house location and size of the extended roof space.

Loft Specialist companies have a standard methodology in their conversions that often does not get the best out of the space available, so I would recommend to consult with an architect.

There are a number of costs to factor in:

Build Cost - subject to size of attic conversion but on a mid terraced Victorian house you could spend at least 50K for a reasonable level of fit out (remember this is + VAT)

Architect - circa 10% build cost (+ VAT)

Structural Engineer - circa 1.5% build cost (+ VAT)

Party Wall Surveyor - around £1,000 

Measured Survey - around £1,000

Fees payable separately to Local Authority for Planning Approval and Building Regulation Approval

Planning will take around 3 months with about 6 months for the overall tender and works on site process

Hope this is of some help

Alan Crawford

If you need further advice give me a call www.crawfordpartnership.co.uk

We used London Lofts and Construction and got two bedrooms and a bathroom into a loft conversion for around £42k. They were fabulous to work with. This was in 2014.

Thanks to all of you for your replies. Hugely helpful 



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