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Wightman Rd is as busy as ever this morning. 

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Possibly. It peaked about 8.30. 

The lunchtime rush in Westminster is as busy if not more than normal.

Maybe people will start again on Monday...

Every shop on my run this morning was open, bakeries coffee shops, maybe not Audiogold , but it was before 10.  Lots of Facebook posts saying the same

Yup but they have made illogical decisions to ban most outdoor activities, which is ridiculous as is what keep people healthy including physically and mentally

persoally I’m really upset openwater swim centres are closed. But I’m sure it’s the same for people playing single tennis, doing gym classes outside in Finsbury Park etc. All risk free

hopefully the government will see sense soon, so more people are outside staying healthy, instead of wandering round shops, bored, catching germs, eating rubbish

Looks like Estate Agents are considered an essential service.  I suppose for renters, if they are the managing agents you’d need someone to deal with emergencies, though why this has to include physical access....


Phone shops in Wood Green seem to be exempt as well

Shame all the charity shops are closed (they organised social distancing), while a shop selling cards is open. 

In the crowded greengrocer's we had to brush past each other to get served.

What is going on? Is it a rebellion against an ill-thought out lockdown?

I doubt it Valerie- they’re just self centred people who don’t give a damn about anyone else

People tend not to get rat arsed behave stupidly in an estate agents

I never believed in the holes in our roof. Fake news from people viewing from outside.

What a plonker

Plonker plonked.  Fined £67,000, plus court costs in the thousands. Also a closure order obtained.




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