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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The Conservative candidates in St Ann's have been strangely mute. Requests to interview them have been met with a a stonewall of silence. Odd then that they should choose to announce themselves at this late stage by fly-posting in the ward.

Tottenham councillor and Harringay Online member Alan Stanton has used his hard-worked Flickr blog to point up this anti-social act.

(At least all three can now claim to have been on a Haringey cabinet even as their aims to be in the Haringey Cabinet are likely to be frustrated).

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A tad thick wouldn't you say?
These have obviously been put up by the lib dems in an effort to discredit their opponents in the ward. Note the spelling mistake.
I do not recorgnise these posters. Justin Hinchcliffe (Conservative candidate for Seven Sisters)
From the Haringey council website: Already Haringey's enforcement service has used legislation and powers to identify and take formal action against those who put up and benefit from fly posting. For instance suspected beneficiaries of unauthorised advertisements, if prosecuted and convicted under the Town and Country Planning act 1990, are liable to a maximum fine of £1,000 and must contribute towards the cleaning costs of the site. (my highlighting)
"I do not recorgnise these posters" writes the Chair of Tottenham Conservatives and candidate for Seven Sisters ward. And of course we must accept his word.

So can he please help solve this small mystery? To assist him, earlier today Harry Davies took four more photos. Small versions below. Full size versions are posted (with Harry's permission) on Flickr.

► Are the posters fakes?
As you can see, they look pretty genuine. They have the official Tory party logo. And they show - as required by election law - the name and address of the publisher. The small print reads:
"Promoted by David Allen on behalf of the Conservative candidates in St Ann's ward, both at 173 Somerset Gardens, Creighton Road N17 8JX. Printed by Inkwell 713 Seven Sisters Road N15 5JT."

These details appear to be accurate.
► If they're genuine posters why has the Chair of the Tottenham Tories never seen them?
► Who fly-posted them here and elsewhere?
► Did anyone spot the culprit?

A bit of a mystery
─ Click to see full-size ─

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale ward)
Report Mr Allen to the Council for flyposting. As the publisher, he's responsible.
Come on Alan, now. Firstly, you should declare that Harry Davies in a paid-up New Labour member and an intern for the local MP, Lammy. I do not like fly-posting - at all. I hope that we don't have an over-enthusiatic supporter or that a rival party suporter in trying to get us into trouble (such is the bizarre nature of Haringey politics).

Cllr. Stanton is, no doubt, needed in his own Tottenham Hale Ward which is, politely put, a major mess!

Justin Hinchcliffe (Conservative candidate for Seven Sisters)
Good. We've established some facts. That while you did not see these particular posters, they are not fakes. But the real thing: official Tory posters.

And your guess is the same as mine: that the person responsible is one of your supporters being "over-enthusiastic". Or let's use a plainer description: stupid and thoughtless.

I strongly suspect you know who it is. Have you phoned him and told him not to be such a twerp? That he's damaging his own Party? And that he should hurry out tomorrow morning and clean off the phone cabinets he's been vandalising. A public apology to the local residents would be nice too.

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale ward)
As a humble voter might I point out that the Conservative response that would have impressed me would have gone something like this:

This is irresponsible vandalism, please tell me exactly where the fly posting has taken place and I will make sure it is removed immediately. I cannot say categorically that this wasn't done by a party activist but I will make sure that it is made clear at Party meetings that this sort of behavior is not acceptable".

The 'I do not recognise these posters....a rival party suporter in trying to get us into trouble (sic)' line of argument strikes me as petulant and unproductive. As the saying goes: fine words butter no parsnips.
Liz asked me if I'd reported this fly-posted phone cabinet to the Council. I hadn't, as I only saw it on Friday evening.

But now the Council offices are open, I agree with your comment above. It's fair that the Party concerned should first have the opportunity to clean this themselves - and anywhere else where their "over-enthusiastic" member has pasted leaflets.

This particular fly-posted cabinet is in Clarence Road near the junction with Blackboy Lane. I'm told there's another one in Newsam Avenue N15 at the junction with Avenue Road.

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale ward)
Hear hear



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