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As part of our use of HoL in the 2010 elections, we're upload and asking other people to upload copies of any local party political promotional material they come across. There are parts of three wards in Harringay:

Harringay (all)
St Ann's (part)
Seven Sisters (part)

Material from all three is welcome.

The aim is help to keep track of what each candidate/party has on offer. We'll also be able to remind those elected of what they said this Spring.

There is one thread for each of the parties.

If you're not too sure about how to add pictures to the thread, see our walk through of how to do it here.

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Delivered during 1st week of February. Click & click again to zoom:

Snow Joke!

Bit cross about this. While it's true that it says that David "joined" local residents in clearing the Passage of snow, it gives the impression that it was a Lib/Dem initiative rather than people getting together via HoL and conversations with neighbours.
I don't see how anybody could read into it that it was a LibDem initiative. If he "joined" residents, they were already there. BTW Hugh, do you want these threads to be reserved for political press releases and keep the comments for other pages ?
I'm not a great fan of this leaflet. What I see in it are two political tactics:

1. Associate yourself with something and infer your involvement in / influence over it was perhaps greater than in reality.
2. Knock the opposition without stating how you would have handled an issue.

What I don't see is:

1. What would the LDs do in Harringay if they were to be in control of the Council.
2. Much mention of what residents identified as their key areas of concern in 2008 (see attachment on post linked to) and I doubt they've changed much since.

So my view of this one is - definitely could do better.

Am I being unfair?
I had a lot of help from Nora doing the top of the ladder but alas she was the one with the camera so perhaps she missed a trick :)

I don't think it's unfair Hugh, you're spot on.
I don't believe any political party - including my own - should try to take or imply credit for a community-led local initiative. Sure, roll up your sleeves and join in as an active resident.
Fine, help publicise and celebrate it. But that's all.
(Labour councillor and prospective council candidate for Tottenham Hale. Usual HoL conditions apply. Votes can go up as well as down.)
Yes, I miswrote (thank you Ronald); I should have written imply not infer.
Not so much unfair as inaccurate.

The article - via Cllr Alexander's comment- clearly says that LibDems would plan ahead to avert a repetition of Haringey council's pathetic response to the snow conditions.

And it just says Schmitz joined residents. It doesn't say he organised the whole darn show.

So where's your beef?
Anywhere a politician "joins" residents they should, IMHO, play it down, not up.
We've been asked to point out that Councillor John Oakes is the standing and prospective candidate for the Lib Dems in Bounds Green.

We apologise for not having drawn to John's attention previously our request that standing councillors and candidates for political office in Haringey Borough declare their interest when replying to threads of a political nature, as stated in the terms and conditions of Harringay Online part 5.

We're dropping John a note to this effect now.
More from the Soaraway LibDems. Looking forward to a three page version next time (click & click again to zoom):

Today's offering (click + click again to read):



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