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I have a large garden shed that I am going tu get rid of and just though someone might want to have it - you would need to dismantle it and remove it though.

There is also a greenhouse that may be saveable - i think the frame is sound - would need some of the panes replaced. this more of a project and not something I could do - but someone might be resourceful and want it - otherwise i will just put it in the skip

I'm near Turnpike Lane

I have picture - not sure they have down loaded

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HI, would you mind if I pop up and have a look at the shed? Will message you

Sure, let me just check with my brother as he works nights - what time of day can you come - are you nearby?

Hi. Yes I am close by and working from home so can be flexible. 

Hi, I'll ask at the allotment, I'm sure someone will be interested in the greenhouse.

that would be great - thanks



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