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I'm brand new to this forum - just joined as my husband and I are looking at properties in this area. We moved from New York and looking for properties around here as the prices seem much more reasonable than the Ladder and near Finsbury Park/Stroud Green. I recently viewed a 3 Bedroom property on Langham Road which was absolutely lovely with a garden. The area seems fine with a bunch of Turkish Shops, Tesco Local, etc. near the area and not far from the Ladder.

However, my co-workers have mentioned that it's a rough area and they have friends who have been burgled near Turnpike Lane. They also mentioned that the area has a reputation for being infested with vermin (rats, mice, and roaches).

Reading online mentions about the area haven't been great either. They all mention the Riots, shootings, stabbings (and they usually mention Langham Road). However, visiting the area, I didn't get that impression at all.

I'm wondering if things have changed over the past few years and what it's like to live there now in 2014, how you see the future of the area, if there are any developments, local shops opening, quality of primary schools, community feeling, etc. I just need reassurance that it would be safe to walk home at night from the station alone and that our kids would be safe. Is it up and coming and are there signs of that?

Many thanks,

The New Yorker in London

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You may not be aware, but in the UK, accepting an offer is in no way a binding agreement. Until the sale is completed, someone else can come in and offer more money, or either party can simply pull out. There is a process - you make an offer, the mortgage lender does a valuation and decides that what you've offered is reasonable for the property or not, the buyer might arrange a more detailed survey, eventually contracts are exchanged (just called 'exchange' by everyone - as in 'when are you exchanging?'), and then anything from a week to 4 weeks later, the sale is completed (just called 'completing' by everyone as in 'when are you completing?'). 

So, in short, it ain't over til it's over. As someone above said, make sure the estate agent knows you're interested if the current sale falls through.

Consider having a look round the area bounded by Westbury Ave, left onto Lordship Lane, left onto Wood Green High Road and then back down to Turnpike Lane tube.

Noel Park Estate (not a 'housing estate' as such more like a small suburb) is at the heart of it - the red brick houses are great (maybe a bit overpriced) - but the roads off the estate and to the rear and sides of Russell Park are worth a look.

Hi Sara,

What part(s) of New York did you live in? Former Brooklynite (mostly Crown Heights, with a short stint on 5th Ave Park Slope) now in Harringay... and can say without question that I feel safer here (and have encountered fewer mice) than in any of my NYC digs.

We have a What's Harringay like? tag in our tag listings, but nothing yet for nearby areas.

Hi Sara - another area to include in your search is the bit of N15 that is east of Green Lanes, south of West Green and north of St Ann's. The houses tend to be a bit smaller than Langham Road but you probably get about the same amount for your money - and very handy for Green Lanes!

Good luck with your search.....



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