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Hopefully you have seen Haringey’s proposals for changes to Wightman Road/Alroy Road (see link at the bottom)

One of the main proposals is to stop pavement parking on Wightman/Alroy.  Haringey have estimated that this will lead to the loss of 29% of spaces on Wightman/Alroy and that this loss will be mitigated by Wightman/Alroy residents using vacant parking places on the Ladder rung roads.  Haringey estimates that currently, at peak times, 27% of available resident parking places on the rung roads are vacant.  

The Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) will be making a response to the consultation and want to check if this figure is realistic.  In order to do this we need to carry out an audit of as many Ladder rung roads as possible to find out if Haringey’s estimate matches the actual situation on our roads.

This will be a simple walk up and down a Ladder rung road, counting the number of parked cars and estimating how many cars can additionally be parked in unused spaces.  To give an accurate picture the count will need to be held at the same time on the same day (when parking is at its busiest).

The count needs to be completed in the next two weeks so that the information can be included in the LCSP consultation response.  If you think you can help by carrying out a count on your road (or more than one road) please send email me at mxanderson@me.com and I’ll  get back to you with more detail.

Many thanks


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Thanks for the great response.  The roads still without people to survey them are (north to south). 





The audit will happen this Sunday 22 July between 8-9pm but if you’re not able to do that next Sunday 29 July between 8-9pm is fine too.

Sunday evening (up until midnight-ish) is nighmarish for parking:  I often return home with a car full of weekend bits and bobs and have to lug them 100 yards down the road to reach home.  During Ramadan I had to park in nearby roads, having had to circulate round nearby roads for a considerable amount of time to find one spot.  Also, what happens when the new flats near the mosque become inhabited?  I have lived here for over 30 years and it has only recently become so difficult! Thanks for passing on .....

Cheers.  That particular problem has been raised a number of times by people who’ve got back to me to volunteer to do the count.  It’s something I think we might need to do in a second audit in September (when everyone is back from holidays and attendance is at its height) on the affected roads

Giving this thread a bump. Volunteers are needed to audit the final 4 remaining roads





If you can help please drop me an email mxanderson@me.com

Happy to do Cavendish, will email you. 

Got your email Alison. Many thanks.

As at 12:20 on Saturday 21st we have almost a full set with only Effingham, Burgoyne and Umfreville to cover.  Any takers?

email me on mxanderson@me.com if you can help

All roads are now covered except Effingham.  If you think you can do that please drop me an email and I’ll send you the details.  Less than 30 minutes work

A sincere thank you to all the lovely people who have volunteered to carry out the audit.


Any final takers for Effingham Road?  The survey should take less than 30 minutes and will be happening this evening (Sunday 22nd) starting between 8-9pm, or next Sunday 29th if that doesn’t work for you.  If you think you can do that please drop me an email and I’ll send you the details.


All roads are now covered.  Thank you all so much. Michael



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