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As Covid-19 cases start rising, I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the businesses on Green Lanes breaking the health and safety guidelines. Last week we were in a restaurant and asked to sit at a table 50cm away from another family (we refused and left) and today I went for a hair appointment to find nobody wearing masks and then they refused to put on the visor (required for close contact).

I really want to support the local high street but not at the expense on people's health. Massive thumbs up to places like Music and Beans that have moved tables and installed plastic screens. But so many of the other shops are completely ignoring the rules - putting us all at risk.

The Council says it is trying to do something but little has happened yet.

So I say, let's vote with our wallets and endorse those following the rules - and boycott those who don't want to.

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I have stopped using our corner grocery since March. They have so much stuff piled in the doorway that you are obliged to push closely past people going in and out, the queuing system at the till is mayhem, and I've never see any of the staff wearing masks, let alone most of the customers. The shop across the road got their act together early, with perspex screens to protect the till staff and for a time a one-in-one out system monitored. I've voted with my feet and wallet.

Haven't you heard ...... Green Lanes is a Pandemic Free Zone  ha ha .

We had our favourite restaurant ... enjoyed a weekly kebab, shopped locally  not anymore.. When we witnessed this poor compliance ....lack of awareness way back in March I vowed I would boycott that area  vote  with my feet and wallet........

Shame on them.

Very few local businesses are enforcing masks. I'm fed up with watching people handle fruit and veg with their hands, having entered shops without using the hand gel readily available. There's no responsibility on the part of the consumer, and the shop keepers who don't enforce it - they lose my business. 

what about putting up recommendations for shops that are observing the rules?

That's a great idea! I'm putting in a vote for Bun and Bar

I was in Yorkshire last week - visiting Leeds, Harrogate, York and Sheffield - and every place I went to eat had someone at the door who worked out where you could sit and made sure that you filled out your contact details for tracing. There was hand sanitiser at the entrance to all shops, even the little newsagents around the corner from where I was staying.  I also saw street wardens quite regularly who were politely reminding people about distancing - and this was during a week when the streets were busy with new people arriving to start university and finding their way around.  I’m just not seeing that happening here. 

Michael - I live just outside York.  You are right.  It's basically good here.  Just reading on, someone suggests a language problem and that might make sense.

Harringay Local Store feels very safe. And they are controlling how many customers are in the store at any one time

Never seen much compliance around here right from the start of the lockdown in March.

Pubs and clubs are getting hammered and doing their best but are facing such big losses and possible closure.

But shops and bars round here just keep on doing what they do without a care in the world. Enforcement? Never seen any or heard of any local places getting fined. 

Harringay Local Store is the one of the very few who observe the rules.  As well as controlling the number of customers, staff wear face masks, so I feel very safe.

Have been horrified to see no barbers/hairdressers wearing any sort of face shield/mask.  Will have to cut my own hair again!!

Snap. I used to get my hair cut at Icut; no more. They actually have a sign up illustrating the measures supposedly in place, including mask wearing - yet whenever I walk past I see both barbers and customers in close proximity, usually sans mask. A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and cut my own hair, using an old pair of kitchen scissors and a cheap clipper. Well it didn't look *terrible*...

Ellie (hairdresser) on Hornsey High Street (corner of Hillfield Ave) is very correct in regard to masks, hygiene etc.



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