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No doubt people on here will be happy but I’ve no doubt we will end up with a worse council without the vision or ability to lead significant change. Just as we are now seeing with those brexiteers who wanted Britain out of the EU without a vision for what this may actually look like I expect we will see the same for Haringey as far as development and housing goes.

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you wrote in December2017

"This is purely guesswork on my part, but maybe the Momentum candidates each brought along a dozen friends and family who dutifully voted them all in? Candidates who were perhaps put forward purely on the basis of their viewpoint on a single issue, not their ability to do the job?"

I answered  you fully then about how impossible this would be.

It feels like Ground Hog Day.


Thanks for the links.

All political parties and factions of political parties campaign and lobby, that is what they do. The Labour Party is presently in the enviable position of having a lot of members so will have more members able to campaign for and against all sorts of issues.

In the article you cite (New Statesman) two longstanding CLP members state- "There was political lobbying by the various groups within Labour in the lead up to shortlisting and selection meetings. But ordinary members attended the meetings, and it was ordinary members who considered candidate statements, heard their speeches, asked them questions and then voted in secret ballots for the candidates of their choice...Some councillors chose to step down rather than participate in the process, which was their right and choice. Many of the sitting councillors who did participate were reselected – 24 in total across the borough. In addition, we have 33 new council candidates (eight of whom have been selected to fight seats for which there is currently no sitting Labour councillor) who will bring a mix of skills and talents to the council if elected in May."

It was not only part of the local Labour Party which was against HDV, local Lib Dems have worked extensively on this http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/cllr-kober-and-the-hdv  and even the Daily Mails Peter Oborne spoke against https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMz2KEsmPAQ

The irony is that this is what the other side did, having someone with cash paying arrears at the door!

If this were true, why did the council not ballot the residents on the estates affected in line with national and regional Labour Party policy?

As per Andy's request re his thread on the same subject as is covered by this thread:

Thanks Andy. Below are the comments from the other thread (now closed).

In answer to Andy H, there is a manifesto conference this Sunday discussing dozens of motions on the subjects he lists.

On housing specifically, the policy is likely to build social housing as a priority using a similar approach to Islington, Hackney, Enfield, to support community land trusts like StART at St Ann's, and key worker housing associations etc to help nurses and teachers live in London.

Great! let us know how it goes.

Just out of interest, when will the manifesto be published? I realise that there's no reason to publish before the campaign starts but it would be nice to have plenty of time to look though it. Especially as Labour will be (presumably) taking the council in a very different direction than the previous administration.

Re housing: a well thought through plan that has, at this stage, some idea of cost, where the develpoments are going to be and when will it all start would be welcome (you must be able to use some aspects of the HVD) so get on it!. Sorry to ramp up the pressure, but Lets face it, Labour will have had time since the selections to formulate a general plan, and as not all councillors were deselected you've also got access to all the council budget figures.

So specifics in the manifesto please. Don't give us a wishy washy list with Aims,Targets and general policy statements.

Im guessing that alot of us would love to know how and what your going to reverse from the councils other policies that effect us all, as mentioned on a previous post.

So Labour ..... Get on with it!! NO excusses.. and absolutely NO bollockary please.

I want to see all Labours new candidates with grey hair and pale or see through skin from over work come the election not 'weve stopped the HDV' platitudes on the door step.

Finally as i said .. Its time to move on.

For better or worse the HDV is dead.

mmm? not sure how all that reads ? bit of a stream of consciousness rant but heyho!!

hope you dont take offence.

With Andy on this. Let's see what is being proposed in HDV's stead! Given that the HDV was the issue that pushed the status quo out of the office, and the supposed criticality of housing to the local electorate, then it should be pretty high on Labour's list. All eyes/ears! 

I was chair of housing in Islington where we had 50 housing co-ops. So, as well as starting to build council houses again, I would support innovative schemes such as StART, the community land trust planned for the St Ann's site.

Wonderful! So how many, where, at what cost, and most crucially - when? 

Clearly you won't have the answer now but I'm sure individuals on the council's housing waiting list would be keen to know more? It would be a shame to follow the great HDV repeal with a great big nothing - not unlike Trump, Brexit etc. 

Hold on, wasn't the issue that council tenants weren't even going to be given a chance to go back? Now they are jumping the queue? As for affordable housing - the council supplied some figures, which merit a grain of salt, but better than the fact-free opposition to the now certainly dead HDV...


Interesting reply by the council to the question of how many council homes would the HDV have created, basically 'don't know'...



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