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No doubt people on here will be happy but I’ve no doubt we will end up with a worse council without the vision or ability to lead significant change. Just as we are now seeing with those brexiteers who wanted Britain out of the EU without a vision for what this may actually look like I expect we will see the same for Haringey as far as development and housing goes.

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I don’t quite understand this.  

She says she will step down after the May elections.  If she means as Leader it’s not up to her if she continues as Leader, that decision is made by the Labour Group after the May council elections.  Being Leader is not in her gift, it depends who wants to put their name forward.

If she means step down as a councillor why on earth is she waiting until after the May elections.  She should withdraw now and let Seven Sisters ward select a new candidate.  Otherwise it will simply mean yet another election in Seven Sisters ward immediately after the May elections, when I assume she will be elected.

i hear the sound of toys being thrown from the pram.

What’s not to understand? 

She is elected leader until otherwise dispatched. She is choosing to finish this term and then effectively not seek to be leader.

looking forward to seeing what those who have complained come up with in place of HDV. Honestly think it’s gonna be just like Brexit. Only opposed with no real view about what should come after 

If the issue is being leader then she hasn’t quit.  Her job as Leader automatically ends until a Leader (could be the current incumbent or a new person) is elected or re-elected by the Labour group.  She hasn’t quit, she is choosing not to stand in a Leadership election as she won’t win anyway.  “I’m not standing as Leader in May as I won’t be elected” is true but not as dramatic as falsely claiming she is “standing down”

If she not standing as a councillor in the May elections why is she putting the local Labour Party to the expense and palaver of re-running candidate selection in Seven Sisters when it was carried out only a few months ago?

This is from Ms Kober's statement

"It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my decision to stand down at the May local
elections as ward councillor for Seven Sisters, leader of Haringey Council and as chair of
London Councils."

The full statement can be read on the council's website.

She will continue to be leader until May. She will not be a candidate for the council this year. Seven Sisters Labour Party will have to select a new candidate. After the elections the Labour Group will elect a new leader

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

From Aditya Chakrabortty, Tottenham-born and one of the few mainstream journalists to step outside the Westminster bubble to report from the ground in Haringey. As to what's next, the Council's own housing scrutiny committee has twice delivered extensively researched and detailed alternative proposals which would actually benefit the thousands of people on the waiting list rather than just swell their ranks with the displaced.

Just how do you seize control?

Do you  do it in the way that the Kober-ites did in St Anns ward, by bringing in undocumented voters to a selection meeting?

Since that time four years ago the process has been so tightened that you cannot get into a meeting to vote without passport/ driving license, Labour Party membership card of over 6 months, fully paid up, recent council tax addressed letter or equivalent. So just how do you propose that anyone can just take over?

The fact is that that many local Labour Party supporters have had enough of this Kober led council choosing to spend money on 'Chicken Town' and on jollies to Cannes, and on dubious unpopular projects which could have catastrophic financial consequences while at the same time closing nursing homes for the elderly and respite homes for children with autism, and refusing to listen to sensible alternative ideas and plans.

Chicken town was national money. This has been discussed on here before I believe. It isn’t done at the expense of elderly or respite homes. These are shutting because the government has cut slap much money. Honestly there will be no change on this front when Kober has gone.

the new councillors will end up making 95% -99% of the same decisions.

Where do you think " National " money comes from ?


It was not council tax derived though, or possible to spend on anything else. I will say it now but there has been a rumour for sometime that the Chicken Town guys had internal help in framing their bid for the "riot" funding. I don't think it's all been spent either, which is a shame.

It doesn't matter where the money came from. The end result is just symptomatic of the Council's incompetence in financial matters.

Lendlease would just run rings round them.



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