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Freedom on the Wightman Cycle Superhighway

During this COVID lockdown period we could explore our Living Streets again.

BEST POST YET!!!! Hurrah for the kids.

It is lovely to see Wightman Road returned to a residential street.

Yesterday evening popped out for a walk because it was so quiet in the neighbourhood. Would not normally do this simply for a walk, it would normally be to pop to the shops/tube etc. It was incredible to not hear the grind of diesel engines but instead the chatter of birds & people, kids laughing in the park, the spring evening stillness. Magic. More of this please!

PS. the traffic on Falkland Rd has dropped off almost completely which means 99% of it is normally cut through. Happy for them to go elsewhere.

I have also noticed an increase in birdsong. Lovely. Maybe its just that I can hear the birdsong now?

More photos, please. If you can con them into looking at the camera like the kids in your 100 year old photos that would be really cool.

Looks like roads on my estate in Hornsey when I was a kid in 1950s and 60. Must be lively to be able to play safely in their own streets. 2 women in cafe in Muswell Hill moaning about driving their kids to skating at Ally Pally due to traffic from Wight man Rd closure.

This is wonderful. I'd like to add to the chorus of approval. I haven't been woken up by HGVs thundering down my road at all hours, nor has the waste lorry which zooms down Falkland Road illegally at about 12.30am most days been an issue. I had a chat with a friend of mine who works at the London Assembly planning bicycle infrastructure who's pretty sure that we can apply to make the closure permanent if the traffic eases. And he's fairly certain it will. Imagine that!

How do we apply? Could get part of the application contribution from year 6 pupils in both ladder schools ... maybe.

Yes it would be wonderful to have Wightman Road closed to motorised traffic on a permanent basis. People would adapt.

Changes are happening in London. If you don't know about it already you may want to read up about the "mini-Holland" scheme developed in Waltham Forest. A few other boroughs have won TfL money for similar schemes. (Someone from Haringey Cycling Campaign may be able to comment about whether Haringey wanted to bid). Waltham Forest mini-Holland caused a lot of (predictable) outcry from businesses who thought they would suffer with timed pedestrianisation of certain areas. What that failed to understand is... it's people who spend money in shops, not cars. Green Lanes anyone? Another fundamental element of the scheme was: if you improve an area for pedestrians and cyclists, you improve it for EVERYONE. http://www.enjoywalthamforest.co.uk/about-mini-holland/

"Someone" could lead a HOL bike ride up to Waltham Forest to have a look at what they've done?! I'd be up for that. Keep meaning to have a look but never got round to it.

Mini-Holland for Green Lanes!!!

What a Great idea the Mini Holland bit. Go for it Harringay, it's got to be the best thing to happen !!!!!!!! Eddie C. Ozzie.



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