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Anyone else think there has been a massive increase in the number of cars who think the red light doesn't apply to them?

I'm sick of picking up my toddler and running to get out of the way of cars who don't seem to see us or the red light.

This mainly seems to happen at the crossing opposite Iceland in the early evening (nursery pick up time).

Would love to hear more stories so we can create a bit of noise. I think enforcement action is well over due.

P.S. I know cyclists do it all of the time and it is wrong. But they are less likely to kill you then a 4x4 where the driver in texting.

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I agree Alice - completely agree as a pedestrian but it's also a problem as a driver. I've had a few near misses when I've been coming out of Salisbury Rd to carry straight on up Warham as the first in the queue on a green light and someone has gone through the red light on Green Lanes. Thankfully I seem to be aware enough that I can both see them and sense when they're going to do it, but it's only a matter of time before there's a collision there because of this - whether vehicle and pedestrian or two vehicles or cyclists or whoever.

I agree. Enforcement is needed. Sandy

I've had the same problem with the crossing down by the lighting shop. Twice in the past year a car has deliberately gone through the red light and one time was a very near miss for me and my dog.  I say deliberate as in both instances the cars overtook several that had stopped for the lights and drove on the opposite side of the road.

A proper camera would be great, but in the mean time, a mobile phone or something can be used to report and lead to action by the Met https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-beta-2.1/report-a-road-...

Cameras would catch a few drivers but they wouldn't deter the many cyclist who believe the lights do not apply to them or the moped delivery drivers who use false plates if they even have UK licenses.

True, but better than nothing.

Yeah, it's terrible.

It’s always been an issue but I find it even more of challenge to cross since I started using a walking stick. My ability to run when a vehicle decides to jump the lights has been severely reduced!  Cameras there would rake in a fortune in fines.  There are some good people out there though.  I needed to get across down by Umfreville the other day to get into a taxi that had stopped on the southbound side of the street and a couple of motorists saw me looking bewildered on the kerb and stopped for me.

Another really bad spot for gormless drivers thinking they are above the law and continuing to drive through red lights is the junction of Green Lanes with Turnpike Lane; vehicles coming along Turnpike Lane and approaching Westbury Ave or turning into Green Lanes often accelerate through this junction as much as 10 seconds after the lights have turned red. There appear to be cameras on some of the lamp posts around the junction although what they are used for I don't know.

I really dislike crossing from the east side of Green Lanes where it forks off to West Green Road.  There is a sharp curve and it’s difficult to anticipate if the traffic is going to continue south or turn left.  You only see vehicles a second or two before they drive on to the crossing.

Nearly been hit by cars and bikes when pedestrians had green light at crossing near Burgoyne Road. More times than I can count over the years. Seems we pedestrians are just a nuisance



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