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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A message on their Facebook saying that, after 10 years, they are closing permanently. I, for one, will miss their daiquiris


(this Sunday)

Dear Jam Family,

As we are all aware, it's been tough in recent years, especially for small businesses and households, following the pandemic and the economic difficulties of this year. Regrettably, we have reached the difficult decision to close down our beloved home, a place we consider special for many.

Reflecting on the incredible journey of the past 10 years brings back cherished memories, the joy of shared moments, and the camaraderie we've built together. From being able to achieve our vision of providing free live world music to the community, to the friendships formed and the challenges faced, it has been a remarkable experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of this journey and thank you for the support and love all these years. Thank you especially for the memories.

With love,

Jam in a Jar.

p.s. we'll keep the social media pages open because.well...

you never know if/when we decide to pop up somewhere again ;)

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Gutted for them, and for us. It's our favourite place to drink locally.

Really sad about this - it was such a unique place run with great passion.

What a shame, I am really sorry to hear about this. One of the best bars on GL for sure. 

Crowd funding was mentioned by a punter last night. I drank a lot of Krombacher Zero Zero last night, it’s the oat late of beer ☕️ just for the taste of it. Lots of hugs for Quto, Umut Naz et al. Naz does a good Tom Cruise cocktail routine, he knows all the tricks. The breakfast options still rock so grab a coffee till the music plays

@jaminajarlondon should be art council funded @ace_london @ace_national, the music that was brought to to Green Lanes was Incredible, including Jaz Delorean who was to do the NY celebration. Enjoy …https://jazdelorean.bandcamp.com/album/this-town-gets-in-my-dreams

Jam was always open to those who were lonely or homeless on Christmas Day, the most saintly offering from the kindest of hearts, it troubles to think this will no longer be. If @haringeycouncil can do anything to coordinate this effort one more time it would be amazing. One homeless local called Joe was always welcomed in from the cold as he danced, talked & joked. Jo used to say ‘this is my place.’ I just wanted to give witness to the kindness that exists and is extended by those at Jam & their excellence. 

So I notice since yesterday "Jam In The Jar" has been open though of course under new management.

Looks like there is work being put in to transform it into something more high concept.

Kind of rankles that the boys got kicked out.

Is that what happened. The rents were shoved up so much they couldn’t stay?

Seems like they are still posting on FaceBook about being open - don't know if new owners took over the feed - confusing.  Has anyone been in yet? 

Had an amazing night there on Dec 23rd. Great jam session - danced 'til closing at about 1am. 



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