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I'm still shaking my head at this. The Council has spent so much on something noone wants. I don't know why the English don't stand up to this sort of thing. It would never happen in Turkey or Greece. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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You know that's just a standard email footer for external email common to loads of organisations and  nothing to do with some massive conspiracy by the Council against the rest of us.

Oh come now, Alan, you know that that's just to cover themselves legally in case Daniel Anderson or someone complains about lack of privacy, re GDPR legislation. They did their advised necessary bit for that, but it certainly doesn't stop sharing or discussion does it? Do let us know if the men in black appear to be knocking at your door.

Maybe this entire debacle may act as a deterrent to avoid electing councillors simply because of colour, tokenism and radical beliefs. Like the rest of London, Haringey's demographic is changing rapidly, eventually such changes to appease those who rise through public office with an axe to grind driven by a victim mentality and personal protest will be slowly erased by a voting populous who couldn't care less about their 'struggles'.

I would like to offer my services to the esteemed members of Harringay Online as the facilitator of a consultation to determine whether or not this topic has been discussed to death already in this august forum.

Given the extraordinary level of interest, the cost per interested party is likely to be negligible. Please do enquire about further discounts for the underemployed.

For a small additional fee plus out-of-pocket expenses, my team and I would be prepared to travel to Turkey and Greece to study renaming of streets there in order that we may be better informed on how to English properly.

That ship sailed some time, and some empires, ago. But thank you.

Didn't quite get the empires reference. What empires?

The Roman Empire extended to Turkey and Greece. I dare say there was a Black Boy Lane somewhere there. I'd post the Latin translation but I'd get into a lot of trouble  ;-)

This is the first time I have posted on this topic in any of the relevant threads. I understand the arguments on both sides (although I lean in the direction of changing the name for its current connotations, no matter any innocent origins) but simply don’t understand why anyone cares so much. There are soooooo many more important things in the world to get angry about. There are so many better ways to make the world better. it’s super weird that this topic gets more posts than anything else. 

Changing the name in the first place was probably overkill, but fussing about it now it’s changed is excessive. La Rose is a very pretty name and he was a great man: worse things can happen to you than have your road thus renamed. 

All very well if you weren't a resident in the borough but we are residents and we see first hand the loss of services and amenities due to lack of funding. Its our money that we pay into so it is pertinent. 

Indeed Elizabeth, La Rose is a very pretty name, but as has been pointed out the addition of 'Lane' has made a very fitting and ironic anagram that will stick with the road for evermore, and will be the legacy of the man that drove the change. 

Ah but Elizabeth, people really really like to have a good old moan & some of them really really, really, dislike change - & the best, most immediate method these days to express anger is over social media platforms. It gives people the feeling that they've done something to try to put the world to rights. It's actually quite informative to gauge what triggers people re how our money is being spent, that we'd all really rather keep for ourselves in the first place. It isn't ours anymore once we've paid the bills, but obviously that doesn't stop the need for accountability. The accountability is presented when requested, albeit weakly, & Haringey Council needs to know that they've spent too much money on this, & the accountability is not done well enough to engage, placate, & unite the residents. They must do better. Are those responsible reading these posts? I doubt it, but it's still useful for the rest of us.
It's also somewhat cathartic for those expressing themselves as they're unlikely to actually be able to do anything significant about the matter itself any more, so let them get on with it & we'll get on with enjoying the new name that honours a recent notable individual far more than the old name preserves some supposedly still relevant to be in our faces aspect of the past. It's all still there in the history archives as to where the name probably came from.
If the history buffs really want to keep honouring the old name they could try to do something more constructive than moaning on social media, such as petitioning for an informative plaque for where the old pub stood - which naturally gave its name to the lane leading to it - but that will also cost tax-payers money to some degree, unless some descendant linked to the pub or royalty wants to step up, & it's human nature to want to continue to rail against something against which there is no direct influence anymore. Some feel that they lost out somehow (& I hope that all those who rail did actually vote) but they can't get past it... yet.

Why wasn't the individual or small group of individuals who wanted the change similarly asked to just get over it or to move on?



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