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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

An object has crashed onto the playground at North Harringay Primary school this morning. Police and a man dressed as forensic expert are on site and much excitement for all the kids and parents in the playground before school. Apparently there was a tremendous crashing sound about 6am and the object was "red hot".

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A German TV station made contact - wanted to send a TV crew they have based here in London! Heard via twitter ...


I can confirm that the photos are real taken this morning in the playground in the mist, and that is a real policeman, you can check his photo on the police website: http://content.met.police.uk/Team/Haringey/Harringay

This is brilliant. I wish I was a student at that school. 

This is brilliant! So convincing that I just shrieked in my office!

I love our area!! UFO's yay

Did you open it? Were there any signs of alien life?

can you imagine how small and cute those aliens would be lolz

It'll be an HMO by tomorrow.

The 'cute' little aliens are very happy with the 2600 views ( in 1 space day! )- they're now heading for your HMO Mr Wells; they're hungry! They don't mind humans with beards 

I think the very talented Mr Spacedog from the Harringay Market may have had something to do with this...

Brilliant. I wish they did stuff like that when I was at school (slate pencils and chalk were about as exciting as it got)



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