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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

An object has crashed onto the playground at North Harringay Primary school this morning. Police and a man dressed as forensic expert are on site and much excitement for all the kids and parents in the playground before school. Apparently there was a tremendous crashing sound about 6am and the object was "red hot".

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Wow, thanks for sharing this, Ant!
Interesting :-)


Is this a continuation of last year's imagination-building exercise about a fire (or was it a bomb?)

Blimey, looks like a scene from a 1970's drama, love that there's just one person with a clipboard looking at it.   That red and white stripy tape must be really strong stuff if the man on the inside has to wear full kit and the people 5 feet away don't.  Is Harringay the new Roswell?

Great way to fire the kids imaginations and what an opportunity for learning.

When I was young I read a story about a crash-landing that attracted this sort of scene.

The 'thing' was repeatedly transmitting an electronic message.

One of the people sent to guard it got too curious and accidentally injured himself, whereupon the authorities deemed it dangerous and moved to destroy it before it did further harm.

Local scientists tried to postpone this buy time to decipher the message but were overruled for health and safety reasons and it was blown up. 

In rushes someone in a white coat, too late, with the decoded message:

'Please take care of my child'

Lucky it did not hit someone's roof! What is it? 

Huffington Post has picked up on it! 

Spoilsports. They could have left out the last sentance.

yes, that was the first confirmation I'd read!

All sorts of weird stuff happens in Harringay
Don't you remember when that thing nested in South Harringay infants School playground



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