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My daughter and I have found this cat today on Effingham Road. He’s very friendly, has a bit of a sore eye and is desperate to get in the house! Please get in touch if he is yours, he has been sat outside our front door all afternoon. My number is 07760291152. Thanks.

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Could it be this missing cat? 


I wouldn't say it's black and grey. I'd say it's a tabby cat. The print quality made the picture a bit darker I think.

If someone really would like to be stubborn, could say that the cat posted by Sue above also has black stripes. The point is that someone is concerned about a cat that potentially could be lost and on the other end there is a missing cat looking quite similar. Instead of trying to score points about the cats marking and whether they are grey, black, tabby etc, maybe it would be more fruitful to call the owners of the missing cat so they can say for sure "yes" or "no"?

I don't think you have anything to apologise for. Stokey's reaction seemed rude and unhelpful.

The owner on the missing cat poster has confirmed the cat is not hers. 

We are not here to examine colours of the stripes of a cat on a poster. If you can't call the owner to verify if this is their cat maybe don't comment -thank you, John D! 

And maybe you should stop telling people what they can or can't do ?

Look at the post directly above yours made 10 hours before you posted.  The owner of the missing cat has confirmed it’s not hers.

This was the same cat that was out the front of our house this early (6am) this morning on Fairfax Road. Whilst it was keen to come in the house with me I wasn’t sure it was a cat I knew that frequented the gardens between Effingham and Fairfax!

The owner also confirmed that her cat's stripes were grey / black as per the poster. She has had many calls due to this thread and as Sue has said she has confirmed the tabby cat is not hers so no need for anyone to get in a flap, cat or otherwise. The cat in the poster however is still missing.

If you can, take it to the vets to see if its microchipped.

If he is this well behaved and calm then it’s very likely hes chipped.

Some organisations even bring the scanner to your home, phone all the numbers on https://www.catchat.org till you get a response



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