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Is this really the only solution?

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Anyone have a better idea?

Good question. Yes, please. Any ideas?

Intersting issue given the number of houses split into flats and HMOs. The flat next to us has 3 adults, and often more if they have parteners + friends staying, and they all create waste. I seem to remember someone telling me Crouch End was having an issue with its drains for the same reasons, all those hosues split into flat, and everyone flushing at the same time, etc...

I am not sure there is a simple answer. But I agree 6 bins in one front space is madness.

I already saw one set of new green bins on the gardens stuffed with black bin liners. I certainly do not envy Veolia their task!

Actually, I will offer one solution. Regulate the way packaging is used in a lot of household products. The number of times I get stuff and 25% is packaging (and the product could have easily fit into something half the size.... This is an issue that cannot be solved in Harringay though.

It will take time, but as people get the idea it may just be possible to reduce the number of bins, and their size.

It takes me a fortnight to fill the bucket-sized landfill bin indoors, so I have no use for the huge black bin we currently share. Educating my neighbours from the other flat is slowly taking shape, satisfying to see cans etc in the green box. When the changeover happens here we may get away with the smaller black bin.

Once it becomes apparent that rubbish is something you have to actualy think about for a nano-second every time you bin something, it will get easier. And overflowing bins full of landfill+recycling that should have been sorted, will become oppressive enough that behaviour change will follow. It has to happen.

Of course there's also my preferred solution which is big bins on the street, like Brighton has. This country is very unusual in having doorstep collection, we've been spoiled for too long.  Would your Bin Alley look better with just a green bin in the front yard, and a big paladin in the road every 20 yards for the landfill? As the rubbish has to get into the house somehow by a journey from beyond the boundary, why not a small journey to remove the residue? So as you go out to shop, you take that day's landfill with you. I'd like to know if the rubbish politicians (ahem) have considered this.

The people in our flats can't be bothered to take their rubbish two feet away. I don't see them walking 10 yards.

Is there a hit squad team from LBH that will go round and confront discuss things with people when they are so clearly Not Getting It? That bag looks like mostly RC plastics. There are similar bins on my street but I don't feel empowered to talk to their owners, not least as they don't speak much/any English. Did you get visits before the switch-over?  And is the info in not-English languages, and does it have pictures? I suggest stickers on the bins, with Yes and No pics, and a red line through the No list - as everyday reinforcement.

I second the big bin suggestion. It could be part of a DIY streets traffic calming initiative. Once of course, the price of a carpark outside the front of our houses settles on its market value of around £50 a month and there are far less people with cars.

Queens Park Estate -- in london also has the large communal bins,just like Brighton and according to Westminster Council that neighbourhood has the same social mix that Noel Park has. Te gardens and streets of Queens Park look so much nicer than Noel Park that it's sickening.

As said above the contractors are determined to deliver a recycling bin for every flat on each property. Some nearby houses also have six wheely bins in their front gardens, it's not a good look. Luckily I was around to fend them off and have one recycling bin that both flats use and rarely fill over halfway.

A solution is communal recycling and rubbish bins - this was implemented in a Sustrans DIY Streets project in Hackney in response to a 'proliferation of rubbish bins littering the street'. (see here: http://www.sustrans.org.uk/what-we-do/liveable-neighbourhoods/diy-s...). Though this approach may work in this example, I expect there would be considerable resistance to this idea being implemented elsewhere. Not least from the person that has to have a massive communal bin outside their house! And of course some people are less able to carry their rubbish further than the end of their garden.

I agree that the long-term solution is to eliminate waste at source, through minimising packaging, etc. Us consumers can play our part here, I can't see regulation at a local or national level tackling this issue any time soon.

Not attractive is it - when the proposals initially came out I had hoped that there'd be a sensible definition of gardens that were 'too small' for multiple mega-bins, but these gardens definitely look too small. Ours are larger than this and I'd hoped to avoid the curse of the mega bins!

I don't see the point in keeping non-food recycle bins outside, either. We currently keep ours in the kitchen and put it out on the street on recycling day. Makes for far less garden mess and far more sense being in an upper floor flat - I'd hate to have to go up and down stairs every time I cooked or opened anything in a tin or recyclable packet.

I emailed Veolia today to request they remove one of the non-recycling bins (my neighbour and I are happy to share and we recycle so there is little to go in the refuse bin). They phoned to double check there were no babies in the house - or likely to be any babies in the house - and when reassured that there were no babies and no nappies, they said they would be happy to take one bin away.

So if your neighbours in flats are happy to share, they seem to be willing to reduce the number of bins.

I am glad we have got the big recycling wheelie bins though- the boxes were utter inadequate and far too small.

Good for you, well done. You might need to 'remind' them, I had to twice before they finally swapped my bins for smaller ones two weeks after agreeing to on the phone. We need to let everyone we know who have a house split into two flats that they can do this.



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