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I ordered some online at the start of last week but obviously they haven't turned up yet (from previous experience they send them special delivery, no-one is there to sign for them and they disappear into the ether).

I need a few permits for Friday and the start of next week so my only option seems to be to take some time off work and buy them in person tomorrow but I can't find anywhere on the website where it says if this is possible and, if so, where?

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Where is here:

Try and get there by 08.45 - there'll be one queue outside the door but there are in fact two queues - one for parking and one for everything else. Make sure you take ID/Parking ref, proof of residence etc etc... Good luck. 

I have done this a couple of times when I needed permits for builders. If you are lucky and get the right time of day/day of the week it can be quite quick. But be warned, the workers are miserable and officious so take the required proof of residency. And if you get, unlucky someone in front of you will become irate and argue for a good 30mins just as they all bugger off for a tea break.

Hiya, I had exactly the same problem last week... I phoned them and spoke to a helpful guy named Tim and he said they had a back log (I think it is a constant back log) but he arranged for me to have mine put in the reception for collection. Their building is Alexandra House, Station Road, N22 7TY (that is where the permit people are) just opposite Wood Green Tube. 

Thanks all, I was told mine had been sent out so there was nothing they could do. I ended up wasting a few hours going to the library to get extra ones instead. Straightforward enough but even when you get to the desk and get served it seems to be an incredibly slow process, it's no wonder no they have hefty queues.

Not sure why the parking permits of the website makes no reference to being able to buy them from the library.

They're hoping you won't think of finding out how to do it in person since online is cheaper for them - we do all the work of activating and paying for our order. That 10 minutes per applicant face to face at Wood Green or Marcus Garvey Library adds up....

Similarly, I've just had the Resident Parking Permit reminder letter - it says:

"The way you renew your permit is changing. You must renew your permit online". (their emphasis).



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