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Is it just me or is a bunch of stuff suddenly closing on green lanes?

Am I reading too much into this or has the last two weeks produced the closure of a cluster of gems on green lanes?

  • the only butchers in the area, closed
  • bun & bar - best and most reasonable burger for miles, no exaggeration, closed
  • badum Turkish delight/amazing spices shop, closing right now
  • 2 well known places that told me they’re closing, don’t wanna name them so not to precipitate it
  • jam in a jar, not closed but turned into something else a while ago, arguably worse and stripped of charm

(bit further afield is banners in Crouch End, closing too)

Is this rents/rates? What’s going on?

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I have seen this enthusiastic post elsewhere, almost word for word, so pretty sure there’s an affiliation with the owner. Not that it matters, I love the Turkish/Kurdish food available on green lanes and don’t really mind if there’s more, that community has made the place what it is. But the point isn’t how good the newest one is or isn’t, the point is now the only burger place is closed, and a music venue as well. Don’t get me started on music venues they’re like gold dust these days.

Not sure a new wedding dress shop makes up for it, there already is a wedding dress shop further up.

Along with the suspicious resilience some places have, the closed places seem to have shut from one day to the next, b&b and butchers at least. Don’t places usually struggle for a bit and have a sale/try to stay open/petition or something? 

My Affiliation is that of a happy customer. I also can’t stand to see another identical Turkish offering on the high street. It’s impossible to find an ounce of difference between the rest, so when something genuinely good appears I think it’s worth celebrating. Hopefully he raises the bar and others follow suit. 

As for the abruptness of closures - it’s usually bad business to announce a closure as customers would think twice before buying from a business which won’t be around should there be an issue with their purchase. Especially true in food service/perishable goods or products with guarantees. 

Given it is an entirely different offering from Bun & Bar I think it is difficult to say materially better.

Bun & Bar offered something significantly different which this new place, however good the koftes, doesn't so far as I can tell.

I was expecting the new Stamp place to be packed like Dobar in Manor House, not the case so far? I guess people are so strapped for cash now, why pay over the odds for baked beans and fancy eggs when you can get it much cheaper at the supermarket.

I looked on the menu and they don't offer the signature Dobar pancakes, couldn't believe it!

What we've always cried out for is an M&S Food Hall….. Hopefully one day it happens, that place opposite Paddy Power has been empty for years, what's actually going on there ?

M&S Food Hall at Finsbury Park next to the tube station. Massive footfall, that's why it's there not here.

Crying out for Green Lanes? - it ain't gonna happen.



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