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Is it just me or is a bunch of stuff suddenly closing on green lanes?

Am I reading too much into this or has the last two weeks produced the closure of a cluster of gems on green lanes?

  • the only butchers in the area, closed
  • bun & bar - best and most reasonable burger for miles, no exaggeration, closed
  • badum Turkish delight/amazing spices shop, closing right now
  • 2 well known places that told me they’re closing, don’t wanna name them so not to precipitate it
  • jam in a jar, not closed but turned into something else a while ago, arguably worse and stripped of charm

(bit further afield is banners in Crouch End, closing too)

Is this rents/rates? What’s going on?

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Ripples of the pandemic?  Folks unable to get out from under the debt accumulated during the pandemic and customers not coming back in the numbers needed to make it pay? 

For sure there's some changes, and the loss of the butchers and plumbers merchants is a shame, but at the same time, there's a huge new dress shop just opened on the old Barclays site and Dobar due to open on 10th... 

One factor could be the extortionate energy bills we have seen over the past year or so, which are a problem for small businesses.

One shop I spoke to yesterday said they may have to close due to rent hikes.

Huge rise in energy costs coupled with rent rises. For businesses already struggling to turn even a small profit, just not worth continuing. Also wonder how much LTNs have affected businesses where people come to pick up heavy stuff that needs vans/cars. 

What butchers has shut? Surely not Baldwin's?

Sadly, yes.

Devastating! They've been so great when I was living in manor house! Rubbish news.

More here.

Oh man!  That is unbelievably disappointing.

I'd say all of the reasons mentioned above plus business rates. Sadly, we appear to be in serious economic decline with no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Yeah I forgot the plumbers closed too.

I mean I assumed it would be the obvious, rents, rates, energy, cost increases of absolutely everything, just shocked to see it all fold so quickly. Seems everytime I leave the house there’s something else closing. 



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