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Seen on Wightman today. Isn’t traffic disruption on Wightman just what was needed?

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Result then

Yes, but not to the extent of endangering pedestrians and cyclists.

I am cautiously optimistic. Far slower traffic - even where the works are complete and there aren't any temporary lights. I am waiting to see on the pedestrian crossings - that is my primary concern at the moment for kids crossing the tracks to go to school on the other side.

And slower traffic = less traffic, as it will make the route less attractive in the traffic apps

The whole damn borough needs to made less attractive to traffic, at the moment it feels like a tributary into zone 2 from the North Circular and Essex. There's a constant stream of traffic running from the A10 into the Roundway and into West Green, instead of staying on the A10/Seven Sisters rd; Downhills Way now is non-stop traffic, seems much worse than 5 years ago. I'm convinced the apps are largely responsible.

For people who are actually visiting the area there needs to be more focus on working out where people are travelling from and what are the public transport options. The improvement in trains on the Moorgate line could be used as a way to divert more people coming from the North towards Hornsey & Harringay stations rather than driving.

Is there also a need for some more bus routes going further out?

That was all done during the recent traffic survey. They apparently got a pretty good idea of where traffic was coming form and going to. The vast majority was out of borough traffic.

Even with that data, getting people out of their cars is a very slowly accomplished change.

But I'm not clear if any of the Haringey traffic survey has fed into e.g. TfL bus route planning or Great Northern (or Piccadilly Line) PR strategies. I certainly haven't spotted any new bus routes. I also remember it was not so long ago that the 141 was shortened - it used to go into the centre of Palmers Green, now it stops just South of the North Circular.

Maybe one idea is that someone produces a leaflet on 'Harringay Green Lanes by public transport', including bus, Piccadilly Line, Great Northen, Overground options - including a map showing what a wide range of places you can travel from?

You know that’s a damn fine idea Michael. A great way to promote the area for shopping and eating out while leaving your car at home. Doesn’t even have to be printed - just having it electronically on the Haringey website would be a start

I think printed would be even better - e.g. it could be distributed in shops and restaurants on green lanes. Would this be the sort of thing the traders association might be interested in, as it is a form of promotion of the area?

Er, *cough*, chaps:


 though the info is ageing, e.g. Cafe Tramp is listed (and as a cafe, not a restaurant).



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