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Stanley Morison designer of the ubiquitous Times Roman font, elected Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts, grew up at 123 Fairfax Road between 1896 & 1912.

Is that your house?

I've updated the Wikipedia article on Morison and there's a reference there if you're interested.

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great bit of investigation, how did you end up reading a book about Morison?
Just came across it on GBooks
As a writer saddened it isn't but I think I know who lives there and will forward.
PS. Although I've become more a fan of Palatino and Garamond in recent years!

Should request one of the new green plaques that Haringey Council are putting up to celebrate local historical figures (as long as the owner is happy with it)


Of the seven Green Plaques so far awarded: 4 are in Muswell Hill; 1 in Highgate; 1 in Fortis Green; and (yes) 1 on Tottenham High Road.
Even the illustrious dead follow the West-East deprivation index of 6:1.
Or is it because the green plaque was the idea of MH/FG RA?
I'm assuming that Bernie Grant got his in April 2010 - ten years' safely dead but not yet listed.
If Fairfax gets one for Morison I'm sure Falkland deserves one for David Lammy.
Ah, the Haringey site have not yet listed our very own bold gothic Charlotte Riddle who tapped out tales of terror in St Ann's Road.

You are right though, the idea does come from the Hornsey Historical soc and the MH/FG Assoc. Let's help them even it out by suggesting some illustrious dead Easterners
I've built up quite a list of Harringaeites for you to choose from on Wikipedia Eddie.
How can I have missed your notice of Charlotte Cowan back in March? Harringay or St Ann's can't have that many (im)plaqueable Northern Irish to celebrate, apart from Colin Bannon and meself. ('A plaque on both your houses,' I hear you yell.)

Seriously, let's keep Michael Donaghy in mind (with Maddy Paxman's permission) for Sept 2014.

I'm sure these green plaques should be customised to suit the recipient. I hope they came up with an ingenious design for Heath-Robinson in Highgate.
123 Fairfax Road is where I live.... am sorry to have discovered this part of its history just 3 weeks before we sell our house!
Great to have connected a bit of house history with the current owners. Sorry you're getting to enjoy the link for so little time!

'A plaque on both your houses,'

LOL! Worthy of Myles na Gopaleen, that one! 



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