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Hi local people. This morning I was walking up the drive at 9.45 and found a fox about the size of a large domestic cat curled up near the large sycamore with a bench around it.

I paused and watched for a while and realised that although it was aware of me it wasn't moving. I was concerned as it seemed to be breathing slightly heavily (not like it was struggling but like it was asleep) and its slightly glassy looking eyes looked in my directions. I was about two metres away and it was curled up but I couldn't see any sign of bleeding.

I called 0300 1234 999, the RSPCA Urgent Number, who after taking details recommended I do 'the broom test'. Basically you take a broom and edge towards the animal. I was in the process of locating  a stick around broom handle length when a large white dog, on a lead, walked down the drive past the fox. The dog was on a lead and behaving itself but the sight of it scared the fox more than I had, and it limped off into the bushes towards the perimeter fence. At least I was able to tell the RSPCA operator that the fox could move, if a little stiffly. I could also see a dark mark on its muzzle and a slightly mark on its back haunches. Suggesting its opposer was probably another male fox and not a car (it was quite far from the road anyway.)

Anyway, with the RSPCA still on the line and trying not to scare it, I stalked it around the site a bit, in two minds, not wanting to terrify it but also wanting to be able to locate it should the RSPCA need to come. In the end the fox crawled under the fence and walked slowly to the other side of the train line. I watched, relieved for once that the Barking to Gospel Oak line is closed, still holding my breath that it wouldn't come to any harm.

I am not sure where the fox is now though we will keep an eye out for it here, and if we see that or any other injured foxes, we will phone the RSPCA straight away!


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RSPCA doesnt have the best record with injured foxes. It's better to call one of the fox rescues, National Fox Welfare Society or The Fox Project, both of whom are really amazing at providing care for injured urban foxes.

http://www.nfws.org.uk/ - 01933 411996

http://foxproject.org.uk/ - 01892 731565 (their mobile ambulance number)

Thanks Vlatka for that info, it's really helpful.

I have been worried about a fox in my garden who doesn't appear very well. I contacted The Fox Project  who were very helpful for advice, but they don't cover the North London area. So they suggested I contact National Fox Welfare Society which I will do.

In the meantime, I also contacted London Wildlife Protection and they put me in touch with a local fox expert who was very helpful with advice. If anyone wants her details for advice in respect of a fox needing help, just private message me. I'm going to give the fox a medicine which hopefully will help the fox, apparently it works very well.

Thanks for this Justine.

I have had numerous exchanges with Martin at National Fox Welfare Society over the course of the last year as we had a fox den in our garden and had several different issues with the cubs over that time... :( He's been absolutely amazing - and has a very responsive and tireless network of local rescuers who come out when needed. NFWS are really a great resource.

Glad to hear about your contact via London Wildlife - great to know about them too - and great that you are helping your resident fox! I hope he/she gets better!



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