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Alexandra Palace as seen through Hornsey Gasholder No. 3 from the car park on Bury Road. It's not long for this world...

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Its a shame, I was going through KX the other day and saw what they were doing with the gasholders there... A park, and a series of developments in the gasholder (which I sadly did not get a good picture of).

That looks good to me keeping the history at the same time as moving on. I like it

They tried that in Dublin a few years ago. It wasn't very successful.

...now that would be a gas!.

Has anyone seen this ? http://gasholderslondon.co.uk/

There's been quite a bit on this subjecton HoL over the past five or six years.

St James's Church, Muswell Hill

Here's a view of St Jame's Church, Muswell Hill through Gasholder No. 1, the much more important of the two. It's tank skin has now been removed and it's demolition is well on it's way.

But, for local residents, there might be some good news

- you can access updates from the developers here.

Well just look what they did to the ones at King's Cross.



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