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Incident @ top of West green rd, Police taped off top off West Green Rd where it exits on to Green Lanes. Police cars, buses diverted - 41 to Archway turning into Colina Rd.  Buses stopped outside Duke of Cambridge/ new flats, this was about 4.40.  I also saw an air ambulance fly over Haringay rd - big loop then it headed towards Manor House

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For those unlucky folk living on west green road, you have to drive up to Wood Green tube station, along lordship lane & back on downhills road to get home tonight because of the incident & LTNs. I had to use the car for work & to do a food shop but after an hour & a half of sitting in traffic on green lanes, I’ve abandoned the car & shopping for now. The side roads are chaos as cars are turning down them & then trying to u-turn because of the LTN

This from myldn:

Everything we know so far

  • A collision took place between a pedestrian and a car on West Green Road.
  • Police arrived at the junction with Alfoxton Avenue at around 3.05pm.
  • An air ambulance and paramedics also rushed to the scene.
  • The pedestrian, a man in his 80s, was rushed to hospital.
  • He remains in hospital in a critical condition.
  • The car stopped at the scene and no arrests have been made.

The Evening Standard this week published the sad news that the elderly pedestrian involved has died. The police are appealing for witnesses and dashcam footage.

Those with information are being asked to call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit on 020 8597 4874. Alternatively call 101 or tweet @MetCC ref CAD 4565/3 Nov.

"A collision took place between a pedestrian and a car on West Green Road" (myldn, Fri 4/11)

Once again, could my fellow octogenarians please stop colliding* with cars, vans, trucks etc. You may think you're stronger and faster than they are, but we really can't beat them by colliding head on. We must up our game and get smarter.

*Latin, collidere: 'to meet in a hostile manner;  'to dash to pieces'; 'to clash together violently'. (Langenscheidt)

I share your despair. Pedestrians NEVER collide with hard steel cars, cars collide with soft, breakable pedestrians.

It also appears to be one of those “driverless” cars. 

Condolences to the family. That pedestrian is no doubt someone’s dad/husband/brother and the shock of losing him in this untimely manner must be awful for them. 

"The car stopped at the scene and no arrests have been made."  

Who should the police arrest in the case of a driverless car?  And how do you breathalyse a robot?

Why on earth would you want to breathalyse it?

There are no driverless cars on the streets of London. It's not allowed yet although the technology is ready. The streets will be full of them soon enough and if this particular car had been driverless, I doubt very much that this tragic accident would have happened. Where they are being used, the stats overwhelmingly show that driverless cars are way safer than human drivers. Personally, I can't wait although I suspect we won't be allowed to rely on the full technology. Instead, we will be made to sit in the driver's seat, thereby negating many of the benefits, because people will be scared of the concept and the government will cave into those fears (at least at first). It will be a momentous and fascinating change. People will stop owning their own cars, so the streets will be liberated of parked cars, but there will probably be more journeys overall as Ubers et al become cheaper. 

Andrew, I’m looking forward to it!! I’m already saving to buy two for my kids they’re 5 and 7 at the moment but it means I won’t need to walk them to school!!

Yes Andrew I know there are no driverless cars. My point is about the way that the news reports people are killed or injured by cars not drivers.  The *car* stopped at the scene and no arrests were made as opposed to *the driver stopped at the scene and was not arrested* - the way we report these things influences our ability to distance ourself from the truth of what happened here. Accident it almost certainly was but it was a human who ran over and killed another human using a ton of lethal metal. The distancing language used by news reports of traffic accidents shields us from being reminded of that 

Very sorry I missed your (now obvious) point. And of course, you're right. But it did give me a chance to pivot the discussion towards the future of truly driverless cars where, on very rare occasions, it will be right to blame the car.



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