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I wonder if anyone might be able to help me.

I'm looking for somewhere to keep some bees, and wondered if anyone might know anywhere local that might be suitable.

unfortunately my wife won't allow them in our garden, as she is (in my opinion, unjustifiably!) terrified of them, and so i must find somewhere else.


any suggestions gratefully received - somewhere, ideally out of the way, to which i could get access on a weekly basis through the summer, and occasionally through the winter.


I'm happy to pay my way in kind.


Thanks very much for all your help


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Site member Michelle keeps bees, maybe she can advise you? Another possibility is to see if Transition Finsbury Park have any ideas, contact via Jo Homan
Thansk Liz - Michelle is already one of my partners in crime. I'll try getting in touch with Jo.
I@ve sent Jo a message - let's hope she comes up with something
Okay, I guess what you are looking for is maybe someone who has an allotment and can make you a bit of space. Good luck!

There are various allotments in the borough-perhaps an allotment holder woudl permit a beehive?

Council woudl have details of where allotments are. There are some at Hornsey end of Ally Pally (bottom of Muswell Hill).

The council will only allow allotment holders to keep bees, and they require the permission of the allotment committee, the necessary publica liability insurance (which I have) and a level one qualification in beekeeping (which I hanve't got).

I havne't got an allotment in any case!


The Ally Pally allotments have an apiary already, which is currently closed to new beekeepers - I've already made enquiries there.


Maybe someone else on this site would be happy to have the hive in their garden. I'm not offering as I'm allergic to wasp stings; my sister has bees and I always keep a polite distance.



I have an allotment in Mannock Road and might be interested, if you are still searching. I don't know about all the legals, etc. but the allotment is run by the following group, who should be able to help further, if they can :




Thansks John - I spoke to Anne Jones form the council before, who manages thw waiting list for mannock road, but I'll try them directly as well.
Thanks John -  I emailed, but the email bounced back - is it correct?
How many hives are we talking about here David?



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