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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Hurrah, Haringey no longer publicises Harringay as "a very deprived area"

It's taken me a year and a half, but finally I'm able to thank the Council - and Nilgun Canver in particular - for changing the description of Harringay on the Council website from:

"Green Lanes, a very deprived area of Haringey, has in recent years experienced economic decline and some violent crime related to the drugs trade. It has a high number of Greek, Turkish and Kurdish immigrants and more recently an increasing number of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian residents. The main road of Green Lanes is an important centre for economic activity with mainly Greek and Turkish traders."


"The Harringay and St Ann’s wards make up a vibrant area of the borough with a bustling centre at Green Lanes. Well known for its diverse community, shops, restaurants and cafes, Green Lanes attracts people not only from the borough but from across London to sample its authentic multicultural cuisines and patisseries.

Harringay and St Ann’s are well served with green space.....................etc" (More)

I worked by email through Nilgun Canver with someone behind the scenes to get our area described in more positive terms. My anonymous partner was also kind enough to give HoL a kind of mention (promise it wasn't me!). Andy Newman from the GRA also contributed. Thanks Andy.

So, well done to Haringey for responding to a request from the community and working with us to get a better public profile for Harringay.

(See the last discussion about this issue here)

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Congratulations Hugh. Thank you Nilgun and Andy too.

Can you work on Google to get them to take a picture of us on a sunny day in summer?
Top work. next stage is to get them to host an archive page on the Stadium and Arena. Think I've got a letter prepared somewhere...
That's brilliant, well done all of you. Can't believe it took so long!
Credit where credit's due, Hugh. Well done! I was relieved to see last night in the pub that you still had some hair left . Mind you, I thought all this online stuff was supposed to hurry up the process, but what do I know?
Well done! That is so much better. They even got the Fairland Park bit right. It's presented very clearly with timelines such as;

It is planned to combine the launch of the “Local Charter” with a celebration of the dynamism of the local community at a “Street Festival” for Autumn 2009.

Harringay online gets a mention but not in name. They should name it and link it.
"Green Lanes, a very deprived area of Haringey, has in recent years experienced economic decline and some violent crime related to the drugs trade".

I think your choice of the word "publicise" was spot on. Most councils don't describe parts of their territory in such unflattering terms.

Since it was the council that first saw fit to describe an important part of the Borough in this down-beat way and it was never likely to appeal to residents, it begs the question of why did the council choose to publicise in this particular way?

Could it have been related in some way to helping to create a climate in which the government was more likely to be sympathetic to appeals for government assistance? i.e. to get their hands on more grant cash? More government money, especially for education, needs to come to Haringey, but it needs to come for the right reasons.

If the earlier description was an attempt to mislead central government, it would not be the first time, with deceiving of Ofsted being the most recent example.
Well done Hugh!
Not exactly the ladder streets, but if you're interested, Eddie gave some really interesting insight into how Endymion, Lothair, Tancred and Venetia Roads were named. May be a good starting point from which to explore from -

Whilst many have pondered the origin of the Ladder's street names, we don't seem to able to pin it down. Over on the History Group, Hornsey Historical Society illuminati and local resident John Hinshelwood gives his informed view.
Thanks Hugh, Nilgun and Andy. A great team effort and very much appreciated.



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