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How to purchase the new 'virtual' visitor parking permits?

I'm trying to buy some new visitor parking permits, and the typically unintuitive council website seems to suggest these are now virtual (just like the residents permits). You start off following this flow:

Which brings you out here, with a list of permits you can apply for or buy right off the bat. None of them contain the word 'visitor'.

The closest I can see are the 'Permission to Park' permits, which seem aimed at tradesmen. Is this what visitors should be applying for? Can't see shifting the burden of payment from resident to visitor (be they friend/family or tradesman) will go down well when I'm next asked for a permit!

Am I missing something, either figuratively or literally here?

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You need to click on Buy/Use at the top to get to daily and hourly vouchers. First of all you buy a bunch of vouchers and then activate them as required

Thank you!

Kafka lives :-)



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